LaRoc eyeshadow review

IMG_2116IMG_2115Unarguably, the LaRoc summer shades 120 piece eyeshadow palette is excellent value for money, at £6.99 on Amazon, making it the perfect product for those wanting to experiment with eye makeup without emptying their wallet. Their is an large range of shades, from simple blacks and greys to all shades of pink and purple. However the palette consists of many greens and blues, both which a lot of us find difficult to work with. Personally I would have prefered fewer of these shades, and perhaps more neutral shades for everyday wear. The colours are mainly shimmer shadows, so I wouldn’t recommend this palette for matte eyeshadow lovers, although the shimmer is perfect for creating a beautiful evening look. As for the quality of the eyeshadow, the product arrived in perfect condition and the eyeshadow is incredibly smooth and easy to apply with little fall out. However I found that you had to build up the shadow to create a strong colour, as the product was not as pigmented as I would have hoped, which was a big disappointment as the colours appear so vibrant in the palette.

Overall I would give this produce a 7 out of 10. Although the colours weren’t overly pigmented, this product is fantastic value for money and a great way to experiment.




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