Peel off lip tint: Review

Peel off lip tints have become an internet sensation. This unusual beauty product has been popularised by dozens of beauty vloggers and is said to give your lips a long lasting hint of colour, with the added fun of peeling the product off your lips. Desperate to try this lip tint, I found it on Amazon for the incredible price of only £1.08, and selected the colour ‘Cherry Red’. The product arrived quicky and I love the pop-art-like packaging, however I had doubts about the applicator.


Sure enough, the ‘cheap lipgloss’ like product applicator made it extremely difficult to neatly apply the product, especially seeing as the tint is so thick, almost resembling super glue. I can’t help but think a wand would have made a much better applicator, because as you can see in the picture I struggled to evenly apply the lip tint. The product also had a strong chemical scent which always makes me wary when using beauty products, as chemicals and delicate areas of skin never mix well.



After leaving the lip tint on for around fifteen minutes, the product felt dry enough to peel off. Unfortunately the tint did not come off in one go like I expected it to, and rather a lot of product was left around the center of my lips, which I had to use a cleansing wipe to remove. However I was expecting my lips to feel incredibly dry after peeling off the lip tint, but they still felt reasonably hydrated, which was a plus. I personally liked the rose pink colour it left my lips, however this may have been a disappointment to some as the product appears a rich berry colour in the tube.


The tint was water resistant and lasted all day, so in that sense it was better than regular lip stains, which I find I often have to re-apply throughout the day. However, overall I would rate this product a 4/10, and I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Although I liked the end result and the endurance of the colour was a big plus, the product was messy and the colour was misleading. I think I’ll be sticking to my usual lip stain for now!


2 thoughts on “Peel off lip tint: Review

  1. This was really helpful. I’ve always wanted to see how these peel off lip tints worked and you provided so much more information. Thank you for sharing. Do stop my blog. Expecting more posts from you =) Happy blogging ❤


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