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DIY nourishing hair mask

Dull, dry hair is a problem for many of us, not to mention breakage and split ends. Years of improper care left my hair incredibly damaged, so now I never fail to treat my hair to a deeply nourishing and hydrating hair mask. Of course, regular trims are the best way to banish split ends, but hair masks are perfect for hydrating your hair, as well as making it beautifully shiny. There are some great hair masks out there, my personal favourite is the TRESemme keratin smooth mask, however if you don’t want to empty your wallet on haircare products, here’s how to make a hair mask at home…

First get some olive oil, measure out two tablespoons of the oil (short hair will probably only require one tablespoon) and pour this into a microwave safe bowl. Olive oil is incredibly moisturising and perfect for thick frizzy hair, as it smooths your hair and gives it a healthy shine. Next take one tablespoon of coconut oil and add this to the olive oil. Coconut oil is solid until heated, so we’ll be microwaving the mask later to melt the coconut oil. The vitamins found in coconut oil help replenish the hair, and nourish the scalp, so it can aid faster hair growth. Now add a small squirt of your favourite conditioner. This is simply to thicken the mask, as otherwise I found it dripped a lot and oil is difficult to remove from clothing. You can add essential oils to the mask to give it a pleasant smell, such as peppermint or vanilla oil, although this is optional. You can also add cinammon, as when massaged into the scalp, cinammon is known to stimulate the hair follicles and therefore encourage hair growth, however once again, this is optional, but a good idea for anyone trying to grow their hair. The mask should now look like this (minus the cinammon)…


Now microwave the mask for ten seconds. Remove, and you’ll see the coconut oil has melted. Now mix the mask to combine all the ingredients (although the coniditioner tends to seperate it still increases the viscosity of the mask) and place back into the microwave for another ten to twenty seconds depending on how powerful your microwave is. Now your mask is ready to use. Simply smooth onto your hair from root to tip, focusing on the ends as these tend to be subjected to the most damage, and then leave the mask for around two hours.

Once the mask has been left on for a couple of hours, shampoo and condition your hair as normal (I would advise shampooing multiple times to ensure the mask has been completely washed out of your hair) and there you have it, soft shiny replenished hair!


Use this mask as required to ensure your hair is always nourished and hydrated, without having to worry about spending a fortune on hair care products.


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