Flawless skin with Rimmel London

We all want to wake up with flawless skin 365 days out of the year, but obviously that’s just a fantasy. So this is my routine for getting picture perfect skin using my favourite drugstore brand, Rimmel London. I adore Rimmel; it’s incredibly affordable but the products are very high quality, in fact, their foundations and concealers are far better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve tried. So this is how to use their products to get that flawless glow…


First prep your skin as usual using your favourite cleanser and moisturizer. Now for foundation I use the Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in light ivory. This shade doesn’t appear to be available in store for some reason which is a shame as its perfect for those who are pale, but find the lightest shade Porcelain is too pale for them, however it is avaliable on Amazon. I apply the foundation using this round topped brush and simply buff the product over my skin. This foundation is very full coverage which is ideal for my acne scars, but its also extremely light and hydrating so it doesn’t leave your skin looking flaky. And of course it lasts all day which is perfect for when I’m on the go.


Now for concealer, I use the Match Perfection concealer and highlighter in Ivory for under my eyes. This concealer has great coverage and as you can see, it has a brush applicator. This makes it easy to conceal dark circles as you can apply the concealer and use the brush to ensure all the contours and crevices of your under eyes are covered. Now for any blemishes I use the Hide the Blemish concealer in Ivory. I’ve been using this concealer for around six years now; I love the creamy texture, and it covers any spots without causing you to break out more. Its also one of the most affordable drugstore concealers out there.


Finally I finish using the Stay Matte transluscent powder using a powder brush like the one seen in the picture. This lightweight powder is perfect for me as I have very oily skin, but this powder keeps me shine free for hours and ensures my makeup stays in place without looking heavy or cakey.


And there you have it, perfect skin using only Rimmel London products. This photo was taken without a filter or any retouching to show what the end result is, and I honestly think that these products have given me the best results, whislt being very affordable. Let me know if you guys love Rimmel London as well!


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