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Biotin for hair growth: Review


After a terrible hair cut a while ago, I’ve been trying to grow my hair ever since, but unfortunately my hair grows relatively slowly and is prone to breakage. I’d heard that Biotin supplements work wonders for those wanting to grow their hair, so I invested in some with the hope that it’ll help, and perhaps thicken my hair as well. I purchased the supplement from Nu U Nutrition on Amazon for £16.67, so this isn’t exactly cheap for supplements, however you do get 365 tablets so this will last you the whole year, plus they’re vegetarian which is great. Delivery was also very quick which was an added bonus.


The tablets are very small which makes them very easy to swallow. You’re supposed to take one a day with food so I’d take one immediately after dinner everyday. Now I’ve been taking them for three months I have a good idea of the affect they have on hair growth. I’d say my hair has grown approximately one inch and three quarters, and the average growth rate for hair (minus biotin) is half an inch each month. So I’d say the supplement perhaps helped increase growth rate slightly, but not as much as I would have hoped. However my hair definitely looks thicker than it used to, and seems to be less prone to split ends and breakage which is a big positive. As you can see, my hair is thick and full, and feels much stronger and healthier than it used to.


Overall, I would recommend this product. Although it didn’t boost my hair growth rate as much as I hoped, it strengthened and thickened my hair which is essential for those with weak hair like me.


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