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What’s in my bag…



I love watching whats in my bag videos on Youtube, maybe its just because I’m a nosy person by nature, but I find them so entertaining and I love to see what people carry with them in their everyday handbags. I love my current bag (available from Primark) so I thought it’d be a great time to do my own whats in my bag post. As you can see my bag is very simplistic and subtle, and no it’s not real leather. I love the simple gold hardware, and black handbags are brilliant because they go with everything. This bag is also a great size, its big enough to fit in all your essentials and have a bit of extra space for a water bottle or umbrella etc. but its not too large and heavy. So this is the contents of my bag…


First are the essentials that I must have with me at all times. Of course I always need my keys, and I love my heart keyring I got off Amazon. My wallet is from Accessorize, I believe it was around £15. I love the baby pink colour and the gold hardware, plus this wallet is also relatively small which I like, as I don’t have a lot in my wallet anyway (being a poor student…) and big bulky wallets take up a lot of space. And being someone who loves writing, I always need a notebook and a pen with me. This A5 metallic notebook is from Tiger, and is a perfect size for handbags. Its great for jotting down any addresses, ideas for blog posts or just doodling when I’m feeling bored.


Next is everything I need to stay fresh throughout the day. Tissues and antibacterial handgel are a must, especially when you have a cold, as it helps keep you germ free which is essential for me. Next I have a mini perfume from The Body Shop called Japanese Cherry Blossom. This perfume has a gorgeous light floral scent and is a perfect size for carrying around with you on a daily basis; its great for when you want to freshen up. Finally I always need minty chewing gum with me just to freshen my breath.


Gadgets wise, I don’t carry a lot, but of course my HTC phone is essential, I don’t know how I would survive without it! I also have an Anker portable battery for my phone just in case my phone runs out of charge, which truly would be a disaster without a portable battery. I also like to have my iPod nano (7th generation) and my Apple ear buds in my bag as I love music and its great for long journeys. I also found this purple flip case on Amazon to protect the screen so it doesn’t get damaged when its in my bag.


Last, but certainly not least I have my beauty products. I always carry this big black hair clip with me as its great for when its hot and you want to quickly put your hair up and get it out of the way. I also have these two lip balms (Cherry Carmex and Born Lippy in strawberry from The Body Shop) just to keep my lips soft and moisturized and add a hint of shine and colour. My makeup bag was £20 from Victoria’s Secret as part of a set, although its doesn’t just contain makeup. I have concealer, nude lipstick (Clinique nude pop of course), eyeliner and oilwipes for touch ups, which is essential as I have very oily skin. I also have a couple of individually wrapped wet wipes, sanitary towels and paracetamol just in case. Finally I have a couple of hair bands and kirby grips in there just in case I want to put my hair up or it needs adjusting.

So thats all for the contents of my everyday handbag, I hope you enjoyed this!



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