How to wear a dark lip

lily collins

Dark berry lips are sexy, edgy and glamorous. Not to mention being all the rage with celebrities like Lily Collins (above), Lana Del Rey and Megan Fox. However I used to find that dark lips didn’t suit me as they made my face look unbalanced as the colour of my lips was so bold. But over time I’ve perfected how to wear a dark berry lip without it being overpowering or making me look washed out. So here’s my dark lipstick routine…


First I apply foundation and concealer as usual to create a flawless complexion, and of course I fill in my brows . Now for eye makeup I go for a smokey look as this helps balance out the bold lip to stop it being too overpowering, it also creates a sexy slightly gothic look. I use this duo eyeshadow from Natural Collection and sweep the grey colour over my lids and then the black shadow along my crease and lower lash line. I then add lashes of my favourite volumising mascara by Clinique. This is a quick way to create a soft smokey eye that’ll complement your berry lips beautifully.


Now I like to bronze up my cheekbones and temples. I sweep some of my Collection 2000 Mosaic bronzer under my cheekbones and over my temples to contour my face and warm up my skin. I often find that dark eyes and lips can make you look a little bit pale and washed out, so adding bronzer gives you a lovely warm glow.



Now for the lips, firstly I line my lips with a black eye pencil. Yes, this does look a little odd, but lining your lips with black means that when you apply your dark berry lipstick, it will create a very subtle ombre effect which gives your lips more dimension and stops the colour looking dull and flat. It also prevents your lipstick from feathering.As for the lip colour, my favourite is L.A Girl matte liquid lipstick in Rebel. This is a gorgeous warm berry purple colour and so it doesn’t make me look washed out like cooler tone lip colours tend to. The formula also lasts all day which is a big bonus. I simply apply the product to my lips and ensure it’s blended with the black liner, and this is the end result…


I wore this look with soft, slightly tousled hair to create a casual grundgy look. And of course I finished with setting spray to help my makeup last all day. So thats it for my dark lip routine, I hope you enjoyed this!


image sourced from:×300.jpg


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