The best tinted lip balms

Tinted lip balms are my holy grail lip product. My lips often get very chapped and dry, not to mention the fact that they look deadly pale when I wake up in the mornings, so tinted lip balms are perfect for adding a splash of subtle colour to my lips whilst hydrating them at the same time. I also think a lot of people have had enough of the ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ trend and are preferring a natural lip so tinted balms are great for subtly enhancing your pout. I’ve tried countless amounts of tinted lip balms, and this is my top pick of the best ones out there…


This is Born Lippy in strawberry from The Body Shop; I always have this lip balm in my purse. I love the quirky pop art packaging, and this product smells absolutely delicious. It’s a deep pink colour so it just darkens your lips slightly without looking unnatural, and it also gives your lips a lovely sheen. The texture is smooth and the product feels very light on my lips (I’ve found in the past that some Body Shop balms can be quite heavy) and its very hydrating. Plus The Body Shop is brilliant as all products are cruelty free.


Next we have a Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. This is more on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it, as Clinique products are very good quality. The silky soft balm glides effortlessly onto your lips and gives them a lovely deep rose colour which is great for when my lips are looking a little pale and washed out. Its moisturizing, long lasting, and it also has a relatively matte finish which is great for lovers of matte lips as most tinted lip balms I’ve tried have had quite a glossy finish.


This Shine On Tinted Lip Salve from Balance Me in Sheer Red is a beautifully glossy balm, and the packaging is lovely. The applicator means you can apply it easy and it has a very smooth texture. It gives my lips a slightly red tint, so its a great everyday alternative to the bold red lip, not to mention the colour is very long lasting. However I would say that this is probably the least hydrating out of all the balms so I wouldn’t recommend it for when you have extremely dry lips, but it still has a beautiful finish, and the ingredients are 100% natural.


Finally, my favourite tinted lip balm I own is the HIP Jelly Balm in Delectable from L’oreal. I haven’t been able to find it in UK stores but it is available online and for a very affordable price. It has a delicate sweet vanilla smell and the gel like texture means it feels silky smooth on your lips. I love this deep pink colour as it subtly enhances my lip colour, and this balm is also super glossy which I love as it adds more dimension to my lips and makes them look plump and healthy. I would definitely recommend this tinted lip balm to anyone!





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