My favourite shoes

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’ are the famous words of Marilyn Monroe. Like many of us, I’m a shoe addict. I think shoes can make or break an outfit, and the right pair of shoes can glam up or perfectly accessorize whatever you’re wearing. I probably spend too much on shoes, but when I find a pair I love, I’ll be wearing them for years (providing they hold up), so here’s a pick of my favourite pairs of shoes in my wardrobe…


This are my go to summer shoes. I purchased these tan pumps from Clarks around three years ago and I’ve been wearing them ever since (as you can see the insoles are rather dirty). I was expecting them to fall apart after one summer of wearing them but they’re probably one of the sturdiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned, not to mention being incredibly comfortable. The soft brown colour means these shoes go with any summer outfit, and the cute cutout design adds interest and also helps keep your feet cool and fresh.


Now for my favourite pair of winter shoes. I brought these from Primark last year for only £18, but they’re brilliant quality and have thick sturdy soles (unlike many Primark shoes) which makes them durable and ideal for the winter months. I adore the style of these boots; they have a Dr.Martens type look but they’re not as chunky (or expensive) which is brilliant. They go with any winter outfit, I love wearing them with black skinny jeans and a big chunky knit sweater for that cute casual look.


These gorgeous red block heels are from New Look, and the thick heel means they’re ideal for those who struggle to walk in stilettos. The bold red colour is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a neutral summer outfit, and they also look great with more formal outfits. The low heel makes them super comfortable so you can walk in them all day, plus the straps stop them slipping of your feet, so they’re very practical for heels.


These leopard print slip on trainers (available from No Doubt) probably aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love them. They’re extremely comfortable, and having no laces means you can easily slip them on. These quirky shoes dress up any casual outfit and are brilliant for adding a hint of pattern without having to go all out. Another added bonus is that they were very affordable, and on Amazon there was a wide selection of different colours and prints incase leopard print isn’t for you.


These glamorous black wedges were from Amazon and are my go to shoes for parties, as they’re glitzy but also very easy to walk in. I love black shoes because they go with everything and look very sophisticated, and the silver gems add a touch of glamour and compliment silver jewellry. Wedges are also perfect for giving petite girls, like myself, a little bit more height.


And finally, my favourite pair of shoes. Also available on Amazon, these chunky black ankle boots are edgy, sexy and super comfortable. They go with any outfit and have a lovely suede texture that makes them look much more expensive than they actually are. Ankle boots are also great for the change of seasons, as they keep you warm, but aren’t as thick as winter boots. Plus the heel elongates my legs for that effortlessly sexy look.



4 thoughts on “My favourite shoes

  1. Love the red shoes the black wegde and the black boots😍 I went through a phase couple of years ago where I would but all types and shoes! Now I have all many! I’ll put a post on my fav shoes too. Thanks for this idea😀

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