DIY patchwork letters


These patchwork letters are brilliant for decorating your bedroom, and super easy to make, plus they have that tumblr-esque look about them. They also make great thoughtful gifts for people. Of course you can make whatever letter you want, but I’m making an R for Rachel, or you can do whole words if you like (although this may take quite a while). Here’s how to make one…


First you need to make the letter itself. I purchased a wooden letter from my local stationary store for around £1.50, so they’re relatively easy to get hold of for a cheap price. However if you want to make your own (and you’re not skilled in the art of woodwork) you can create a letter stencil on some card or paper (or print one off Google images) and use this to cut out several letters out of cardboard. Around 6 cardboard letters should be enough, then glue all these together to create one 3D letter.

Now you have your letter, its time to get out all your old magazines. Go through the magazines and cut out any patterns or nice colours you find, it doesn’t matter how large or small, or how neatly you cut it out, as we’ll be tearing round the edge later. You can pick a colour theme e.g. all blue patterns, or like me you can go multi-coloured. You’ll need quite a lot of patterns to cover the entire letter so this may take some time.

When you’ve got enough, its time to glue them onto your letter using PVA. For each piece of pattern, I tore round the edges to give it a rustic homemade look; it just gave a more effective result. Now simply glue the magazine pieces all over your letter until there’s no more wood/cardboard showing. Finish off with a coat of PVA to stop the patterns peeling off (and to give it a nice sheen) and there you have it, your own patchwork letter!




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