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Ralph & Russo: brand review

Without a doubt, Ralph & Russo is one of my favourite brands. Of course I can’t afford anything from there, but when leafing through fashion magazines, their pieces always catch my eye. Specializing in high end couture fashion and accessories, this brand was founded recently by Tamara Ralph (the creative director) and Micheal Russo (CEO), and although this brand is relatively new, its taken the fashion world by storm; Ralph even designed the gown for Beyonce for her White House performance- an honour indeed. Everyone of their pieces is unique and elegant; here’s some of my favourite’s from Ralph & Russo…


This stunning creation is from the spring 2015 collection. The shape of this dress is incredible, I love how Ralph & Russo’s pieces are so out of the ordinary. The baby pink colour is typically soft and traditionally feminine, but the unique shape gives this dress a very modern twist. The dainty strapless bodice perfectly balances out that eyecatching skirt, and the small waist and fish tale skirt hem create a lovely curvy silhouette.


From the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, this red cape dress makes me think of a modern day Red Riding Hood. Something about capes just looks so fierce and edgy, and the deep red colour adds a touch of glamour. The strong silhouette contrasts with the delicate floatly fabric so this look is tough, yet feminine. And the high thigh slits and sheer bodice make this look so sultry, without revealing too much.


This is Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo at the Oscars. Once again, soft dainty colours have been combined with strong shapes to add a modern twist to the traditional feminine look. I love the bold shoulder details, I always think shoulder pads look a bit old fashioned, but this unusual rose shape makes it look modern and eyecatching. The figure hugging dress flatters Gwyneth’s shape, and the single shoulder strap and sleeve exposes some flesh, but still remains classy and sophisticated.


This is also from the spring 2015 collection, and is probably my favourite Ralph & Russo dress, it definitely has a Cinderella look about it. Although its all one colour, the texture of the fabric adds interest, and creates a beautiful delicate look. I love the shoulder strap as well, its so unique and once again, adds interest to a rather simplistic dress. I also think its brilliant that the brand chooses such diverse models to walk in it’s shows.


Finally, this is Angelina Jolie at one of her movie premiers sporting this cape and dress combination. This is such a classy red carpet look; the clinched waist emphasies her curves but the modest lenght keeps it understated. The elbow lenght cape is quite an unusual look for the red carpet but Angelina looks stunning as usual, and the creamy white colour goes perfectly with her complexion.

Overall, I love this brand. Often I find popular designer brands like Chanel a bit hit and miss; sometimes I love their creations, other times I really don’t like them, but I have yet to find a Ralph & Russo piece that I dislike. I think the designers really consider the shape of their pieces and how to use clothing to enchance the silhouette, and like I said, I love that they use very diverse models, making them truly a brand for the modern woman.

images sourced from:

Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Ralph &​ Russo Couture to 87th Academy Awards

Angelina Jolie in Ralph & Russo Couture Cape + Dress at the “Unbroken” London Premiere


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