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How to walk in high heels: Book review


‘How to walk in high heels’ by Camilla Morton is the ‘Girl’s Guide to Everything’ (published in 2005). Given to me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, this book has proven to be genuinely useful, and is light and very readable.


When I was younger I had ‘The Girls Book: How to be the best at everything’- this is somewhat like an adult versioni of that. There are five main chapters each with several subsections: Greeting Your Public,  Being Socially Adept, Tackling Your Technophobia, Homes and Gardens and Joining the Jet Set. In these chapters a wide variety of topics are covered, from what to pack in your handbag and some top makeup tips, to how to changed a lightbulb and a car tyre. This book takes into account the desire of the modern woman to be feminine, but also independant. It covers skills that are genuinely useful in the modern world, particularly the Tackling Your Technophobia section as you can’t avoid technology these days.

I also love Camilla’s style of writing, she reminds me a bit of Dawn O’Porter- hilarious, simplistic and sarcastic. This book is so readable because it’s short snappy sentences make it clear and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, its entertaining, useful and just all around enjoyable. In the Guardian’s review of it, they said this book is essential for ‘any self-respecting aspiring socialite’, and I couldn’t agree more. Its a must read for the modern woman.

And just a quick apology to the author, I’m that ‘mug’ that likes to wear ugg boots. Sorry Camilla.


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