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My favourite jewellery pieces…


I love jewellery, but I don’t often wear a lot, or invest in expensive jewellery as I usually forget I even have it. But I do have some pieces that I truly love and wear frequently. I’m not a huge fan of statement jewellery, I prefer simple sleek modern pieces that subtly enhance an outfit rather than become the center piece of it. So here’s a my favourite pieces that I wear regularly…


This simple gold plated necklace from Topshop was a Christmas gift from my best friend, as she knew I had a silver R necklace which I loved. Obviously this has a lot of sentimental value, and I love personalised jewellery as it makes it more special to you. It’s also very delicate and simple so it goes with anything, and I love that it’s gold as it suits my warm colouring.


I got this three banded ring in a sale at Accessorize and I absolutely love it. I do like rings, but I have very small hands so often even the smallest size is too large, and I tend to fiddle with them a lot. But this one is the perfect size and I’ve never seen one like it before. It’s elegant and modern it also looks great with more edgy outfits. It’s also brilliant quality, as most of the jewellery from Accessorize is.


Next I have these silver star stud earrings which were also from Accessorize. I’m not sure why but I just love jewellery with stars on, I think it looks so beautiful. These make great everyday earrings; I rarely take them out as I’m quite lazy and don’t often change my earrings, but these look great with everything. Also they’re brilliant for sensitive ears as they’re made from sterling silver and so they won’t cause irritation like some cheaper poorly made earrings do.

This gorgeous gold choker with blue detailing is from Hollister. I love the simple yet eye catching design, it looks so elegant and would be perfect for a festival. This choker dresses up any summer outfit, I particularly love pairing it with a maxi dress or jump suit- its a brilliant finishing touch. Also like the Topshop necklace, the gold compliments my warm skin tone perfectly, and I love how the hint of blue adds a pop of colour.

 And another gold necklace! This long pendant style necklace was from Amazon, I brought it because I thought it would look great with a simple outfit and add a touch of sophistication. It was really affordable, and looks lovely on, particularly with a plain black or grey jumper. I also really like the minimalistic design; its simple, but really enhances an outfit.


Also from Amazon, this rose gold bangle is engraved with the words ‘This too shall pass’. The idea is that it’ll always make you happy if you feel low as it gives you the comfort of knowing that the bad times will pass. I love the meaning of this, and the bracelet is also very beautiful; it’s so simple and subtle, and there’s something about rose gold that’s just so feminine and elegant.


These are not real Chanel earrings, but they’re still absolutely gorgeous. They’re only stud earrings so they’re very subtle, but also very glitzy. I feel Chanel logo jewellery adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. I believe they were from Amazon, they came in a set with a Chanel logo necklace and if I remember correctly there were multiple styles- there was also a silver necklace and earring set and a black one as well. However I love gold jewellery and I feel it suits me the best so I chose this style.


Finally, I saved the best until last, this gecko ear cuff is the most beautiful, unique piece of jewellery I own. The ear cuff loops round your ear and fixes in your lobe piercing. It’s so unusual and eyecatching, I always get compliments when I wear this. I love ear cuffs as there’s such a wide variety out there, from punky ones to girly ones, but all of them look youthful and modern. This is defintely my favourite jewellery piece.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this!

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