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Real Techniques core collection: review


Real Techniques makeup brushes were created by UK-based makeup artists and YouTube sensations, Sam and Nic Chapman, and are probably the best drugstore brushes out there. I brought the stippling brush a while ago when I used to wear liquid foundation, and it was brilliant quality, not to mention beautifully packaged, so I just purchased the four piece ‘core collection’ set. It was £21.99 however it was on offer for £10.99, so I couldn’t resist getting it. The four brushes come in a case which is brilliant for keeping them clean, plus it’s quite padded so it’s good protection. The case also folds in half (as seen in the picture below), making it easy to whip the brushes out when you’re doing your makeup. The brushes themselves are beautiful, I love the vibrant orange colour, plus all are incredibly soft and high quality.


The first brush (on the left) is the contour brush, which I use to apply bronzer under my cheekbones and up to my temples. I love the shape of it, it has an oval head which makes it the perfect size for delicately contouring your cheekbones, temples and jaw line, resulting in bronze glowing skin with neat contour lines that can’t be achieved with a large powder brush. The soft fibres also feel lovely on the skin which is a big plus.


Next is the pointed foundation brush. It would be ideal for liquid foundation, but since I have recently switched to a powder mineral foundation (to benefit my skin) I use this brush for applying concealer under my eyes and on any redness around my nose. Once again the brush is incredibly soft which is great for the delicate eye area. The V shape of the brush means its brilliant for covering all the contours and crevices of your eye area and around your nose to achieve a flawless even finish.


The smallest brush in the set is the detailer brush, which can be used to spot conceal or as a lip brush. I don’t often wear lipstick so I mainly use this brush to conceal any blemishes. I do occasionally break out, so this extremely dainty brush is perfect for covering individual spots. The small handle means you have a great amount of control making it easy to spot conceal without getting that ‘halo’ effect around the blemish.


Finally, the last brush is the buffing brush. I use this brush to apply my mineral foundation and powder, and once again, it feels lovely on the skin. The brush has a round head and a large surface area so you can quickly apply your foundation and achieve a nice even finish. The brush is also very dense which is ideal for applying powder foundations as it gives you full coverage- I find a lot of product is lost when you use low density powder brushes to apply foundation. I’d definitely recommend this brush to any mineral foundation users.


These Real Techniques brushes are brilliant, they’re such high quality and I honestly think they’re worth more than £21.99. I’d recommend them to any makeup lover, they’re beautiful, easy to use and help you achieve flawless skin in minutes. Real techniques core collection is available from and most drugstores.

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