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Festival essentials


A summer festival with great music, spent with friends or your someone special, is one of the best things- nothing beats it. However there are downsides too; lack of facilities and the risk of something getting lost, or worse stolen, is a problem for all of us at festivals. So here’s a few of my essentials to help protect your belongings and keep you feeling fresh so you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying the good times.


 Of course, you need a small bag to carry round your cash and phone etc. with you in the day. In fact I wouldn’t recommend leaving anything of value in your tent at all. Fanny packs are brilliant for festivals as they’re small and functional. Your hands are free, plus it’s securely attached to you meaning all your valuables will be safe. The best part is you can get some really lovely ones now, such as this multi-coloured one from Amazon, meaning you can stay stylish.


Now for hygiene. Obviously you’ll bring your usual skin care products and deodrant etc. but these are a few extras that you’ll definitely be needing at a festival. The toilets at most festivals are pretty unpleasant, so make sure to have plently of anti-bacterial hand gel and tissues. Of course you probably won’t have access to a shower either, so wet wipes are an essential to keep you clean and fresh, I love these Carex strawberry laces ones. Facial cleansing wipes are also essential to remove any makeup, and assist in cleansing your skin each morning and evening, as the chances are you won’t want to be using the sinks in the toilets.


But what about your hair? I’d recommend wearing your hair up to avoid it getting incredibly oily, but dry shampoo is a great refresher if your hair is starting to feel a bit greasy. You can also choose your favourite dry shampoo scent to ensure you stay smelling fresh. However, you can actually wash your hair at festivals- no water required! When I was searching for my favourite dry shampoo on Amazon I came across this Oasis Shampoo Cap. It’s like a shower cap that has shampoo and conditioner on the inside, and you simply place it on your head and massage the product in until your hair is fully saturated, and them simply remove to reveal clean fresh hair with no rinsing needed. I’m not sure how this actually works, but it’s definitely a festival essential.


Obviously you’ll want to be taking photos to remember the weekend, but taking an expensive camera is risky, plus there’s the issue of rain damage (which is very likely if you’re going to a festival in England). However disposable cameras are very affordable, and you won’t have to worry about it getting stolen or rain damaged. They’re also fairly good quality now, most come with flash and you can even get  fully waterproof ones.


Unfortunately, there is the risk of rain, so you definitely need a pac a mac with you. I love this black and white aztec print one from Primark- it was cheap so I won’t worry about loosing it, and I love the stylish design. Pac a macs are also brilliant as you can fold them up into their little bag meaning they take up minimal space. You’ll also want to be prepared for sun, a cap and some relatively cheap sunglasses are great for helping you stay safe in the heat.


A mirror is something a lot of people probably forget, and then don’t realize how important it is until they’re at the festival. This large polka dot mirror was £5 from Boots; I love how big is it as you don’t want to have to squint to look in a tiny mirror. A big mirror is so important for doing your makeup or skin care routine, as there probably won’t be mirrors in the toilets, and the chances are you won’t want to be doing your makeup in there anyway.

More hygiene- a travel toothbrush is essential. Obviously you’ll want to have fresh breath, but a regular toothbrush isn’t ideal for travelling as the brush can get dirty when it’s in the bottom of your wash bag. That’s why I love this fold up travel toothbrush (that also came with a mini toothpaste) from Primark. It’s very small, and the design means that the bristles will stay clean.


This probably looks a bit odd, but I think a flannel and a spray bottle is essential. Why you may ask? You probably won’t have access to a sink to wash your face, and for me, cleansing is essential as my skin gets incredibly oily. Therefore you can fill the spray bottle up with water and spritz this over your face when you don’t have access to a sink. Spritz again to remove your facial cleanser, and then simply dry your face with the flannel- this will ensure your skin is clean and glowing all weekend.


Finally, another thing that a lot of people probably forget is a portable battery for your phone, as of course, there’ll be no where to plug in your charger. The chances are your phone battery won’t last weekend, and your phone is essential in case you get separated from whoever you’re with. Therefore a couple of fully charged batteries are brilliant in case your phone starts running low on power.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you have a great time if you’re heading off to a festival soon!

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