Chanel wallet dupe: Review


Chanel was founded in 1909 by Coco herself, and since then has changed the face of fashion. Today Chanel is still the ultimate symbol of elegance and femininity. But of course, the majority of us cannot afford Chanel. I love wallets, maybe more than handbags, so I was extremely excited when I discovered this black quilted Chanel dupe on ioffer for only around £15 (there were also mulitple colour options). The design is beautiful, I love the simplistic black with the silver Chanel logo in the center, and I always think quilts look so glamorous. The material is obviously not real leather/lamb skin like most Chanel wallets and handbags, however I actually prefer that it’s manmade as I don’t agree with the use of animal skin for fashion. Obviously I haven’t used the wallet for long so I don’t know how sturdy it is, but the material feels relatively thick and the product is well made so hopefully it’ll last for a long time.




A downside is that I didn’t realise how bulky the wallet was going to be. The wallet has two sections- one with card slots and one plain empty one (which could be used to store receipts) but obviously this makes the wallet very thick which I don’t like as it means it takes up a lot of space in your bag. As you can see, the first section of the wallet is completely plain with no card slots. Although this is brilliant for storing your receipts so they don’t just get thrown in your handbag, I’d much rather this compartment had a zip so you could store your coins in there. This wallet doesn’t have a zip compartment so I tried putting my change in this section of the wallet, but with no zip it all fell out. However I do really like the lining of this compartment; its a creamy gold colour and is has a Chanel logo pattern which makes the wallet look more like a real Chanel which is great.


This is the second section of the wallet- the main compartment. This has so many card slots which is brilliant as some wallets only have three of four, so there’s plently of space. There’s also three large sections for cash or cheques which is good as it keeps them nice and flat. I love that the wallet has Chanel Paris engraved on one of the card slots, once again, it just makes the wallet look like a real Chanel. I’d definitely recommend this wallet to anyone, although it’s quite large and it doesn’t have a coin compartment which is a disappointment, it’s very spacious and the design is gorgeous- it’s a great alternative to a real Chanel wallet.


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