Karlie Kloss: Style file


Making the world a little more Klossy, of course it’s American supermodel Karlie Kloss. Many of us know her as being Taylor’s best friend, and she was popularized by her work with Victoria’s Secret. She’s not your usual supermodel; not only do her dainty features, unique bone structure and arched brows make her stand out, she’s also a successful entrepreneur. She has amassed nearly half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel ‘Klossy’ and she set up ‘Kode with Klossy’- a summer school especially for women who want to pursue computer coding; a brilliant way to get more females into computer science. Karlie is gorgeous and has great fashion sense, so here’s my pick of some of my favourite outfits of hers…


Karlie is definitely rocking the 70’s trend here. The brown highwaisted bootcut jeans show off her long legs and the bootcut style creates a more interesting silhouette. I love how Karlie has mixed different shades of brown by adding the tan shoulder bag- and suede adds some texture to the outfit, not to mention being very on trend. The white shirt compliments the brown tones perfectly, and adds a modern touch. And how gorgeous does Karlie’s tousled hair look here?


This layered dress is amazing- white goes perfectly with Karlie’s warm creamy skin tone and honey coloured hair. The loose top layer of the dress contrasts with the fitted skirt, and the fish tail shape creates such a beautiful silhouette. Minimal jewellery lets the dress do the talking, and the strapless dress paired with Karlie’s elegant up do shows off her toned shoulders.


Now this is how to do Parisian chic. No one can go wrong with monochrome, and Karlie has added some subtle pattern with the tartan jacket to add interest to the look. The simple straight silhouette creates a dapper look, but the glamorous sunglasses and pointed black heels add a feminine touch. Plus black pointed heels are so iconic and never go out of fashion. I also love the Louis Vuitton shoulder bag- it adds a touch of catwalk glamour to this look.


Karlie can make even the most casual of outfits trendy. This denim dress is so on trend, and the belt clinches her waist to create a sexy silhouette. The backpack and white trainers are the ultimate symbol of a casual outfit, yet Karlie still looks pretty and polished, which is emphasised by her silky sleek hair. Plus I love the gold mirrored sunglasses- they compliment her golden honey hair and add a summery feel to this look.


This is definitely my favourite look from Karlie- this Hollywood glamour style looks amazing on her. The high thigh slit makes this dress so sexy and shows off her lovely long legs, and the shoulder detailing is just amazing- it adds such a unique modern touch to the classic little black dress. And the figure hugging shape of the dress enhances Karlie’s supermodel figure. Her big chandelier earrings match her delicate silver heels, and silver goes perfectly with her skin tone. Finishing this look off with red lips really makes Karlie look like a classic Hollywood starlet.

I hope you enjoyed this! Check out Karlie’s YouTube channel at


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