Kylie lip kit: Review


By now, everyone knows Kylie Jenner; the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She’s known for her edgy sexy style, and of course, those plump pouty lips. Kylie Cosmetics was created earlier this year after Kylie created the ‘Kylie lip kit’ which was a massive success across the globe. I’ve been desperate to try her lip kit for ages, so I was thrilled to find it had arrived in the post when I returned from my holiday. I ordered the shade ‘Candy K’ which is a dark pinkish nude shade- ideal for me as I don’t like bright lip colours. The packaging is gorgeous, and it arrived on time which is great.



The lip kit consists of a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. First I tried out the lip liner- as you can see in the photo above its relatively bright compared to the colour of the liquid lipstick which was a bit of a suprise to me. It does look much more nude when applied, however it’s still quite a rosy pink and I would’ve much preferred it to be the exact same shade as the lipstick. Another criticism is that the pencil is incredibly hard to sharpen; I’m not sure why, but it takes a lot more work than most lip pencils and causes quite a lot of the liner to break off which was a disappointment. However the actual lip liner itself is lovely and creamy so it’s not drying like most lipliners, and it gives you the apperance of plump, full lips just like Kylie.


Now for the matte liquid lipstick. Once again, the packaging is beautiful, and the colour of this is exactly what I was expecting. The applicator is the same as most standard lip glosses, and the lipstick was very easy to apply, plus it had a lovely sweet scent. It went on smoothly and I loved the colour, however it was a little sticky when drying. Despite this, once it had fully dried it had a gorgeous matte finish and felt velety smooth, and not too drying which is brilliant as other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in the past have dried out my lips and left them sore and chapped. In the first two pictures the colour is a little darker than it is in reality due to the lighting, but it’s a really lovely nude colour and I’m very pleased I chose this shade.


As for removing the product, it was quite difficult and I had to scrub quite a bit to completely remove the liquid lipstick, however I’ve found this with all liquid lipsticks I’ve tried so I wouldn’t single the Kylie lip kit out, I think it’s just the norm for most liquid lipsticks. Overall I would recommend this product, although the lip liner wasn’t what I was expecting I loved the finished look and the matte liquid lipstick was very high quality. Kylie lip kits and other makeup products are availible from:

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