Back to school essentials


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Going back to school always seems like such a drag, especially after you’ve just had a long relaxing summer. I’m heading into my second year of college in a couple weeks time, so here are my back to school essentials that I always carry round with me in my backpack. So to begin with my new backpack is from Primark; it’s just a plain black snake skin print backpack with faux leather straps. It was super affordable and is big enough to fit in all your textbooks and anything else you may need at school/college. I also accessorized it with a brown fluffy keyring from New Look just to make it a little more interesting.


Of course you can’t go to school without your notepads, although there’s always that one person who never has one and always asks for a sheet of paper from yours. Firstly I have a lined pad to do any classwork and homework in. Next I have my yellow planner which we get given by our college, although if you don’t get given one, a planner is still essential, as it helps you keep track of when your homework is due in. Finally I have my multicoloured notepad which I got from Waitrose. I just use this for jotting down any blog ideas I have, or any to do lists. Plus I have a bit of an obsession with pretty notepads so I always like to have one with me.


Your pencil case is also essential. I got this little black one from Paperchase as it matches my backpack, plus its very small which is ideal for me as I only ever have a couple of pens and pencils with me. I always like to carry a couple of coloured biro’s with me too, as they’re useful if you like to colour code your work. A calculator is also essential for me as I’m studying biology, however not everyone will need one depending on what subjects you study.


Plastic folders are ideal for storing your work in, as no one really wants to bring round big ringbinder folders with them. So you can get a plastic folder for each subject which you take with you to college, and then you can transfer your work to a ringbinder folder when you get home. Plus you can choose whatever colours you want, its great to have different colours for different subjects so it’s easy to quickly whip them out in class.


Of course we all have to walk home from school sometimes. Thankfully I live relatively close to my college so I don’t have a long walk, but I still like to have my earphones with me so I can listen to music- it just makes the walk home a little more interesting. I also carry gloves with me at all times as it’s usually not that warm in England and my hands always get cold easily, so gloves are brilliant for keeping warm. These black chunky knit ones from Primark are very thick so they’re perfect for winter, and they go with any outfit.


I always carry round a pack of these little lined cards with me. I use them for revision as they’re easy to carry round with you for revision on the go, and their small size means that it helps you condense your notes. I just keep them in the front pocket of my backpack, and I think it’s a great idea to keep these in your bag as if you have a free period you might want to do a bit of revision.


Now for the more exciting part, my beauty essentials. Firstly I have a body spray (from Victoria’s Secret) and a body lotion. This is so important as it keeps your fresh all day long, and everyone always needs body spray after P.E. And lotion is essential for me as my hands get very dry, particularly in the winter, so this keeps them nice and hydrated. Next I have my makeup bag. I don’t carry round a lot of makeup with me, but I always have a couple of lip balms to stop my lips getting chapped. I also have mascara just in case my eyemakeup smudges off during the day, which often happens when you’re at college from nine in the morning til half four in the afternoon. Probably the most important thing in my makeup bag is my blotting papers; my skin is incredibly oily, and I don’t like to constantly reapply powder as it makes my face feel cakey, so blotting papers are perfect for removing that excess oil and leaving you matte and fresh faced. I also like to carry round a little hairbrush with me, although I don’t use it all that often, it’s great for when it’s windy, or those days when your hair just won’t stay in place. Finally I have general hygeine products; tissues, hand sanitizer and sanitary towels/tampons are just essentials that you need to have in both your college bag or your everyday bag.


Finally I always carry a portable charger round for my phone, as I use my phone all the time at college (it’s ok, we’re allowed to!) so the last thing I need is it running out of battery. Portable chargers are great for on the go when you don’t have access to a plug socket to charge your phone, so I’d definitely recommend having one in your school/college bag.

That’s all for the contents of my backpack, I hope you enjoyed this, and good luck for the next school year!


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