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Avon perfect eyebrow kit: Review

I’ve been using brow pencils to fill in my eyebrows since I started using makeup, however I wanted to start using a powder instead to create a more natural look. I found Avon’s perfect eyebrow kit on Amazon, although it is also available on Avon’s website, and seeing as it was so affordable I couldn’t resist trying it. I ordered it in the shade ‘soft brown; delivery was very quick, and I love the sleek black packaging of the product. Plus it comes with a mirror so it’s perfect for touching up your brows on the go.


As you can see the kit consists of a brow powder, setting wax, and a double ended brush. The powder was velvet smooth and the perfect colour for me. Thick brows don’t really suit me so I keep mine defined and natural, and I don’t draw outside of my natual brow shape so the powder was ideal for giving my sparse brows more definition whilst still looking very natural. It also lasted all day with no smudges which is perfect. However the angled brush that came in the kit was very poor quality; the fibres were scratchy and the brush was quite thick so it was hard to stay inside my natural brow shape. Instead I decided to use my own angled brush from Superdrug. Although it’s a shame the Avon brush was such poor quality, the brow kit was so affordable it didn’t overly bother me.


Finally I used the clear setting wax, designed to keep your eyebrows in place all day. I did use the Avon brush for this as seeing as the wax is clear it doesn’t matter if a little goes outside the natural brow shape. The wax was also super smooth and not greasy at all, and it kept my eyebrows in perfect shape for hours. My eyebrows also still felt very smooth after applying the wax, which is great as I’ve found a lot of setting waxes or gels make my brows feel sticky.


This is the end result. As I said, I prefer to keep my brows quite soft and natural, so this product was perfect for just filling them in slightly. However if you like big bold eyebrows, or often draw outside your natural brows then this product probably isn’t ideal as it’s better for just filling in your brows rather than shaping them. However the product was very good quality (besides the brush) and helped me achieve exactly what I wanted, not to mention being incredibly affordable. I would definitely recommend it!

Avon’s perfect eyebrow kit is available from:


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