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Etro brand review

Etro is a designer fashion haus founded in 1968 Gerolamo Etro. Etro began producing pailsey patterned clothing in 1981, and since then, that has become the iconic Etro staple. The brand is the epitome of festival hippy chic, with delicate patterns, floaty fabrics and bold colours. This brand always stands out to me when leafing through fashion magazines, particularly because their pieces are so feminine and unique, unlike many other brands that simply ‘follow the trends’. However to me it’s also very important that a high fashion brand is ethical, as what’s the point of creating beautiful clothes if someone or something had to suffer for it. So here’s my review of the brand and some of their stand out pieces…


This dress is probably my favourite piece I’ve seen from Etro. I love the mix of colours and patterns to create a truly eye catching dress, however seeing as all the colours are quite mellow this dress is still very wearable. I also love the contrast of the revealing sexy bodice and the loose floatly skirt to add a modern edgy twist to the traditional hippy look. It’s also great to see that although the model is gorgeous and toned, she’s clearly not underweight, as sadly a lot of supermodels are, so I love brands that promote a health over a skinny frame.


Once again, I also love the mix of patterns in this look. Mixing patterns can be intimidating but when done right it looks incredible. Also the flared trousers are reminiscent of the disco era, giving this look a vintage vibe. I do like the patchwork design of the jacket; I always think patchwork has a kind of childlike fairytale look to it, and the bold clashing colours add a modern twist on this, however it’s so disappointing that this jacket is made of fur. I honestly think faux fur looks equally as beautiful as real fur, so I although I like the design of this jacket, I see no reason why an innocent creature had to be slaughtered for it which honestly lowers my views of the brand.


This is slightly more strong and sophisticated than Etro’s other creations, however I think it looks absolutely stunning. Red and black is such a strong sexy colour combination that is both feminine and tough, and I love how these strong colours have been mixed with contrasting floral prints. The metallic belt is also a great accessory, it breaks up the skirt and the top to stop the look becoming too intense, and belts are perfect for clinching your waist and giving you a gorgeous curvy silhouette. Midi length skirts are also so versitile, they can be sophisticated for the work place, and sexy for a night out, so it’s great that the brand makes pieces that are ideal for the modern, on-the-go woman.


 I absolutely adore this look, like the first dress, the mix of patterns and colours looks stunning. The shape of the dress is also very flattering as it’s more fitted at the waist yet loose around the hips and thighs to create a natural yet sexy silhouette. I also like the mix of textures, with the sheer fabric of the dress and the suede boots and shoulder bag. Suede  is so on trend at the moment, but Etro have done the suede trend their way by incoporating it into a look that epitomizes the brand. Suede also adds to the retro hippy look that Etro often embody.


Now this is festival chic at it’s most stunning. Mixing multiple shades of blue looks amazing when done right, and adding simple delicate jewellery completes these elegant boho looks. Pairing the floaty fabric with tousled undone hair creates the perfect festival look, and I love the unstructured jacket the model on the right is wearing to add toughen up the outfit a bit. However I can’t help but notice that Etro doesn’t choose very diverse models, all of them are white and are either blonde or brunette- no models of darker skin and no redheads. I think the more brands use diverse models, the more their clothing appeals to the modern woman, and either way I think it’s important to promote diversity and individuality in fashion, so it’s a bit of a disappointment that this brand doesn’t appear to do that.

Overall, I do wish this brand would reconsider it’s choice of models, and use of fur. However as for the clothing itself, Etro truly stands out to me as it’s so unique and elegant, and it doesn’t just follow the trends, it creates them. Plus unlike a lot of high end brands, their pieces are actually wearable, which after all is the most important thing when trying to sell your creations to the public.

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