My everyday foundation routine


I’ve tried a dozen foundations and BB creams and have never found one that works for me. My skin is incredibly oily and acne prone, however I do have dry patches as a result of the acne cream I use, and therefore most mattifying foundations tend to make my skin flaky, and hydrating foundations make my skin even oilier than usual. I’ve also tried a couple of BB creams however many have few colour options so I couldn’t find one that was the perfect match for my ivory skin tone. However just recently I’ve purchased a few new makeup items that really work for my skin and give me just enough coverage- plus they actually stay put all day which is a first for me. So here’s my everyday medium coverage foundation routine…


Of course, prep your skin as usual by cleansing and moisturising as you can’t work with a canvas that isn’t clean and smooth. First I take Maybelline’s dream fresh BB cream in the shade ‘fair’ and dot it over the main areas of my face- my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. This BB cream is the perfect shade for me, and although it’s very hydrating, it’s so light that it doesn’t affect my skin’s oil production. It does only gives you light coverage, however this is just enough to even out your skin tone and hide any redness, giving you the appearance of smooth, even skin. Then I blend the product using the Real Techniques buffing brush, as I’ve found that buffing your foundation on is the fastest and easiest way to achieve even coverage. I also spritz a little setting spray (I use the L.A. Girl Mattifying setting spray to help reduce shine) onto the brush so it mixes with the BB cream and helps it last all day.


Now for concealer. I dot Collection 2000’s Lasting Perfection concealer in ‘fair’ under my eyes, and I do a couple of dots over each cheek as that is where I suffer from mild acne scarring and the BB doesn’t provide enough coverage. This concealer is the best I’ve tried, it has full coverage but is still incredibly light, and it blends with the BB cream effortlessly. Plus it really does last all day which is brilliant for my oily skin. Once again, I use my buffing brush to blend the concealer on my cheeks, and I simply use my finger to blend the concealer under my eyes to conceal any dark circles. If I have an actual blemish I usually apply a touch of Rimmel London’s Hide the Blemish concealer over it just to ensure maximum coverage, and this concealer is my go to for spots- it’s creamy so it’s easy to blend and gives you very full coverage.


Finally I finish off with Rimmel London’s Stay Matte translucent powder. This is perfect for setting my makeup, it’s super affordable, and it’s very mattifying which is ideal for helping keep my skin shine free all day, as even though the BB cream doesn’t seem increase my skin’s oil production, my skin is still very oily anyway, so this powder is brilliant for me.

And that’s my everyday foundation routine. Hope you enjoyed this!


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