The most stylish supermodels

Working hand in hand with the world’s top designers, you’d expect supermodels to be some of the most fashionable individuals on the planet. I often look to certain ones for style inspiration as I think these women truly understand fashion and how to make trends work for them so they remain individual and stay in style. Plus as a fashion fanatic, I love discovering who the up and coming supermodels are, and checking out some of their outfits for inspiration. So here’s my pick of what I think are some of the most stylish supermodels out there today…


Of course, Queen Kate has to be on the list. Always modern, yet with that touch of timeless glamour, Kate Moss knows what works for her slim frame and understands how to look sexy whilst classy a the same tie. I love the all black suit she’s wearing here, its dapper yet feminine, and the mixture of textures and materials makes this such a stunning outfit, and the figure hugging trousers show off those long enviable legs.


I feel Miranda Kerr is such an underrated supermodel; her baby face, beautiful grey eyes and dimples make her stand out so much from other supermodels, not to mention her killer wardrobe. Even her most casual looks are absolutely gorgeous as she dresses to flatter her figure and always accessorizes with some shades and an oversized handbag. Not many people can get away with double demin, but the combination of the loose shirt and skinny jeans, plus those lovely leopard print heels make it work, and doesn’t she look amazing?


The Anglo-Kenyan Maliaka Firth is another supermodel I feel is so underrated, especially considering she’s modelled for nearly every brand imaginable, from Chanel to Victoria’s Secret. I love this casual street style look; bomber jackets are so on trend right now and pairing it with casual cuffed jeans gives this look an All American vibe to it. Plus I love how she’s added a hint of glamour by accessorizing with the Micheal Kors Selma Satchel.


Plus sized model Candice Huffine (i.e. the first plus sized Pirelli model) has taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. This all black figure hugging dress looks amazing, and the cut out section keeps it looking sexy. I also love the silver detailing on the neckline that adds interest and matches her clutch bag to bring the outfit together. Paired with sleek hair and a sultry smokey eye, Candice looks like a modern Hollywood starlet and could give any model a run for their money.


I feel this list wouldn’t be complete without the supermodel of our generation: Cara Delevingne. Cara always makes her outfits work for her, and can rock any trend. She looks effortlessly suave in this oversized blazer that has that Burberry vibe about it, and the leather trousers and heavy boots toughen up this elegant, dapper look. And as usual, she’s going for natural makeup and hair to show off her gorgeous unique bone structure and of course keep the focus on those amazing brows.


And then of course there’s the supermodel sisters of our generation, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Both of them look incredible here- Bella has opted for a darker sultry look which definitely works for her, all black paired with a plunging neckline makes this such a sexy look, and her dark manicure and amazing cheekbones enchance this tough, yet feminine look. Gigi on the other hand has gone all out with a 70s style metallic jumpsuit. It wouldn’t work for most people, but the combination of the shiny fabric, minimal accessories and cascading waves make this look so modern and up to date, and the jumpsuit enchances Gigi’s gorgeous curvy silhouette.


Luma Grothe is a high fashion supermodel who recently did a campaign with L’Oreal, and I truly think she is the queen of hippy chic. Paisley print combined with floaty fabric creates the ultmate festival look, and the multiple shades of  blue compliment Luma’s cool skin tone. Also the low cut v-neck keep this look sexy and show off her toned figure to give the traditional hippy look a sultry supermodel twist.


And finally, we have french supermodel Constance Jablonski. One of the most in demand models in the world, Constance is rocking the edgy Parisian chic style whilst still looking like a ray of sunshine. Monochrome always looks effortlessly sophisticated, and the large black handbag completes the look perfectly. Also pairing the monochrome pieces with blue jeans gives this outfit a casual feel, and stops it looking too dark and serious which suits her personality perfectly. With natural makeup and relaxed hair, Constance looks effortlessly beautiful here.


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