Trying highlighter for the first time


Strobing has been a popular makeup trend for a while now, and glowing, dewy skin is all the rage with celebrities such as Lea Michele, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian. And of course highlighter is the go to product to achieve this look. However I must admit, I’ve never actually tried highlighter before, partly because I have acne prone skin and so don’t like to use too many products with fear of causing irritation, and partly because my skin gets incredibly oily anyway, so the last thing I need is for my skin to look even more dewy. Despite this, I have been wanting to try a highlighter for a while, so when I found one for £3 from MUA I couldn’t resist getting it. I was reluctant to splash out on a product that I wasn’t sure if I was going to like or not so this highlighter was perfect for me; I chose the colour Iridescent Gold which is a pale shimmery gold shade as I thought this would be the most subtle.


I thought the presentation of the highlighter was absolutely beautiful, considering it was so cheap. I used a fan brush to apply it to my cheekbones and temples, however I did have to use my fingers as well because the product was not very pigmented at all and the contours and patterns on the highlighter meant the brush couldn’t pick up much product which was a downside. Once I had applied the highlighter, I added a touch of bronzer underneath my cheekbones just to balance the look out, and I have to say, I was very happy with the result. The highlighter wasn’t very pigmented but I wasn’t suprised seeing as it was so cheap, however once I’d applied a few layers I had a lovely subtle shimmer that didn’t make my skin look oily. It was also very long lasting which is great as most products tend to slip and slide throughout the day as a result of my oily skin. However throughout the day, as my skin got oily, the highlighter added to the shine and made my skin look worse than it actually was. Plus I felt shimmery skin wasn’t ideal for everyday and it was a more suitable look for a night out.


And here is the finished result. Overall, I would recommend the product itself as it was incredibly affordable and looked very subtle and glamourous, however I wouldn’t recommend it to very oily skins, and I certainly won’t be wearing it on a daily basis. Although I was more impressed than I thought I would be, I don’t think I’ll be joining in the highlighter trend.


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