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I Am Juicy Couture: Unboxing


‘I Am Juicy Couture’ is one of the latest fragrances from the edgy cult brand, Juicy Couture. The campaign featured none other than Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo and is a more mature fragrance compared to the brands previous youthful and sexy perfumes with bold quirky packaging. I’ve been wanting to purchase the perfume for a while now, so when I found the gift set (including the perfume and body lotion) on sale for only £24.99 from Debenhams I couldn’t resist getting it. I love the box the products came in, it’s a simplistic white design with metallic gold lettering and a beautiful black bow which reminds me of the more classic, punky Juicy Couture products. It arrived very quickly and all in perfect condition besides a small tear in the packaging that was holding the products in place, but that didn’t bother me as I’d be getting rid of that part anyway. I definitely plan to keep the box though as I think it’ll make a beautiful storage box.


So the first product is the perfume itself, which comes in the 30ml size in the gift box. I love the sleek, modern gold packaging and I think it’ll look absolutely beautiful on my dresser, however the cap does look a bit cheap; when you look closely, you can see the material is very plastic like and I would’ve expected more from a designer brand. However I absolutely love the fragrance itself. Its primarily a fruit scent with notes of raspberry and passion fruit which I love as fruity perfumes are my favourite. Then as it develops it becomes a more mellow, creamy scent, with undertones of woody scents such as Cashmere and Amber, which makes this scent both fresh and mature. It’s certainly one of my favourite fragrances, and it’s very strong which I like as it means it doesn’t fade throughout the day.


Next is the 125ml matching body lotion, once again, I really love the metallic black and gold packaging and it looks beautiful on display. The fragrance is exactly the same, although the fruit notes aren’t as detectable as they are in the perfume. The lotion itself has a hint of shimmer which I love as it gives you a subtle summery glow, and it’s very hydrating which is perfect. I actually really love Juicy Couture’s body lotions (I also own the Couture La La lotion) as they’re all incredibly hydrating; often I find strongly perfumed lotion to be a little harsh on the skin and even leave it more dry than it was before, but Juicy Couture’s lotions leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.


Juicy Couture’s fragrances are probably my favourite designer perfumes as they all smell absolutely delicious and the packaging is so quirky and unique compared to other designer perfumes. I would definitely recommend this fragrance!

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