‘Colour me buff’ palette review


‘Colour me buff’, created by W7 cosmetics is essentially a dupe of the ‘Naked’ palettes by Urban Decay, consisting of nude eyeshadow tones. However at only £4.17 on Amazon, this is certainly much more appealing price wise, especially as the palette comes with 12 colours and a double ended brush. The rose gold packaging is beautiful and I love the faux leather look interior, both which make this palette much more expensive than it actually is. It also confirms on the underside that the product is not tested on animals (the same as urban decay) which is extremely important to me as well as many others.


Firstly there is the double ended brush consisting of a sponge applicator and a fibre brush. I haven’t used a sponge applicator in years however it was actually brilliant for applying large washes of colour and highlighting your brow bone and inner corner, plus its incredibly gentle which is perfect for the delicate eye area. I was also pleasantly suprised by the fibre brush as I often find brushes that are included in palettes are very poor quality however the brush is very dense which means the eyeshadow appears very pigmented when applied, and the bristles are very soft. This brush is relatively small so it’s not brilliant for applying shadow over large areas and I would recommend using a larger fibre brush for that as it’s quicker and makes the product easier to blend. However the small size also means this brush is perfect for highlighting and applying colour to the lower lash line which is very difficult with a large brush.


Now for the actual eyeshadows. These ae the first six shadows going from left to right: Buff (which was so pale the swatch isn’t visible), Camel, Sand, Dust, Chocolate and Topaz. As you can see, all of the shades except Chocolate are shimmer shadows so I wouldn’t recommend this palette to matte lovers, however personally I love shimmer eyeshadows as I feel they give your eye makeup more dimension. The shadows aren’t highly pigmented however I prefer this as with neutral eyeshadows I prefer a lighter more natural look. They also go on smoothly and are easy to blend which is ideal. Dust is my personal favourite out of these shadows; it’s a shimmering nude bronze colour which is ideal for summery eye makeup looks, and it looks absolutely beautiful when you just wear this colour across the lid on its own.


These are the next six shadows: Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder and Onyx. Once again, there is only one matte colour (onyx) and the rest are shimmer. The black shade is the most highly pigmented as you’d expect, however the others are quite light and sheer. I think there’s a great selection of colours as the paler colours can be used to create a natural barely there look, and Onyx paired with Storm can create a beautiful nighttime smokey eye. Silk and wave also look lovely paired together to create a fairy princess type look. Considering the price, the eyeshadows are also brilliant quality and very long lasting- I’d say they’re better than some more pricey eyeshadows I’ve tried, so this palette is great if you’re on a budget.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this palette; it’s a brilliant alternative to the Naked palette and it’s very high quality, and of course, very affordable. I’m also a big fan of nude eyeshadows so this palette is perfect for me, and I’ve never found a palette before where I’ve actually liked and used every colour, however with the Colour Me Buff palette every colour is beautiful and wearable. Definitely a must for makeup lovers!



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