DIYs to help beat the blues

There’s always good days and bad days. Of course no one wants to feel low but unfortunately it happens to everyone at some point, and in some ways, bad days are a good thing as they then help us appreciate the good. However for when you’re feeling down and aren’t sure how to brighten your day, these DIYs will not only distract you and keep you occupied, but they’ll remind you of the good things in your life.

First is a very simple one. I purchased this gorgeous heart key ring off Amazon- there were multiple colours to choose from and the best part is that if you open it up, it has two photo slots inside. Here you can add photo’s of your loved ones, or write out something inspirational. For example here I’ve written ‘One day at a time’ to remind myself to look after myself and take things easy. You can then attach this to your key chain, so whenever you need a boost throughout the day you can look at your photos/quotes and it’ll boost your positivity levels. Plus the key ring can close up so all your pictures are discreet and stay personal to you.


Next is a slightly more lengthy one, but it’s very fun to make and looks lovely: hanging hearts decor. You can buy cardboard heart shaped decorations from most arts and crafts stores, however you can easily make your own using a sheet of cardboard (and remember to cut a hole in the top in order to attach a loop of string). Then gather a handful of old magazines and search through and cut out any patterns/sections of colour you like- it’s a great idea to choose bright, bold colours so you’ll feel energized when you see them. Once you’ve gathered all of your magazine clippings (you’ll need quite a large amount) paste them randomly all over the cardboard heart until there’s no card showing, and finish off with a coat of PVA glue so the magazine clippings don’t begin to peel off. Now take either a glass or silk outliner like this gold one I’m using and carefully write a word of your choice across the heart; I chose ‘Love’ but you can choose any positive word you like. Wait for this to dry and then then hang it somewhere in your room, by your mirror is great as it gives you a positivity boost when you’re getting ready in the morning.


Photo boards are also a fun, easy way to remind you of all of those happy memories you’ve had and lift your mood. Take a pinboard and then simply get a section of your favourite photographs of your family, friends and anything else that makes you happy and then arrange these over the pinboard. You can then hang this up on your wall so that whenever you look at it it’ll boost your spirits and remind you of all the happy times you’ve had in your life.


 The last DIY is a memory box. You can buy plain boxes from your local arts and crafts store, but you may need to sand down any roughness before painting it. Once this is done, simply paint this in whatever colour you like using chalk paints, I chose this pale pink colour. I painted my box one colour but if you’re creative then you can get a little more adventurous. I’m certainly not an artist but theres something so relaxing and therapeutic about painting- it definitely helps me calm down when I’m stressed. Once the box is dry, you can decorate it however you like. I chose to super glue down a random variety of buttons and I thought it looked lovely, however it’s really up to you how you decorate it, just do a design that makes you feel happy when you look at it. Finally once your box is complete, fill it with items that bring back happy memories such as photos, tickets and souvenirs, so that whenever you’re feeling low you can look through your hand decorated box and it’ll remind you of all the happy memories you’ve had.


I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope it was helpful! Just remember- it’s always darkest before the dawn.


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