My autumn/winter wardrobe

Its that time of year again. A lot of you are probably mourning the end of summer but I actually love the autumn and winter weather (besides the English rain), mainly because I love my winter wardrobe. I feel during summer you have fewer options clothing wise, but in winter you can go smart, casual, edgy or girly. Plus you can layer up as much as you like, or keep it minimal. And there’s just something so lovely about being able to invest in fluffy jumpers, cute scarfs and just being able to get all cosy and comfortable. And to not have to worry about the horrors of sunburn! So these are a few of my favourite pieces from my winter wardrobe that keep warm and stylish…


Firstly we have my winter shoes, and lace up boots are my go to. This black pair were only £18 from Primark and I love them because they’re similar in style to Dr. Martens but slightly less chunky which I prefer, plus they’re completely man made so no animals suffered to make them. They go with any winter outfit and they’re incredibly sturdy and comfortable which makes them ideal for the icy weather. Next I have a pair of grey ankle boots which were around £12 from Amazon. I feel these are a great, slightly more girly alternative to the black primark boots, and once again, they’re incredibly comfortable and have very thick durable soles. Also the best part is their lined with faux fur so they look beautiful and will keep you warm even on the coldest of days.


Now for bottoms. I feel you can’t really go wrong with jeans, so I have multiple colours- black, grey and dark blue. This means you can match your jeans with any outfit, plus denim is very warm and can either be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a sexy, edgy look. And of course theres dozen’s of jean styles so you can choose the perfect style to flatter your figure. However I also love skirts, such as this black cotton body con one, as they add a feminine touch to any outfit, and can be worn with any pair of shoes. However even with tights skirts can often be a bit on the cold side during winter, however Primark have created their own ‘super cosy’ tights which look like regular denier tights, but have a soft fleece lining in order to keep you warm, so those are perfect for when you want to wear a skirt in the colder months.


Jumpers are my everything in the colder months. They’re cute, come in so many styles, and above all, they’re comfortable, so they’re perfect for those long days at school or work. This ribbed turtle neck jumper is from Topshop- usually I don’t opt for vibrant colours but I think red is perfect for the colder months and I love the subtle vintage like design of this sweater, plus turtle necks are brilliant for keeping warm. Another favourite of mine is this simple black and white flecked jumper from New Look. Yes it’s simple but it’s super thick and cosy and goes with absolutely any outfit; you can dress it down with jeans and ugg boots or turn it up with heels and a black jacket. It’s so versitile, and was only £7.99 which is a brilliant bargain.


Jackets are essential in the winter months, I love my faux leather jacket from Topshop and I wear it most days in winter. It’s not real leather so obviously no animals had to suffer to make it, and it’s actually very thick- I find most faux leather jackets are quite thin and relatively poor quality but this has a thick cosy lining and is warm enough for even the coldest of the winter days. Plus I think leather jackets are such a timeless look, they can be both casual and edgy, and they’re so durable, so it’s definitely worth paying a little more for a good quality one as you can wear them with any winter outfit and it’ll last for years. Next I have my demin hoodie jacket from Hollister which is ideal for those more mild days. I mentioned this in my August favourites as I just love the casual design, and it’s excellent quality. Plus the material is very thick so it does keep you warm, and has a hood which is perfect for the rainy days.


Finally, these are my favourite winter accessories. This red bobble hat was £14 from Topshop, I’m not a big hat person but I love the mix of the deep red material and the oversized tan bobble, it just looks effortlessly chic and goes brilliantly with my red Topshop sweater. Plus it’s ideal for keeping you warm on those snowy days. I also love these black fingerless gloves/mittens from M&Co which were an excellent bargain at only £3. Black goes with absolutely everything (plus the colour adds interest), and fingerless gloves are ideal for when you’re typing on your phone. They’re also incredibly thick which is great as I get very cold hands in the winter so they’re perfect for keeping your hands warm and preventing dry, cracked skin. Finally, every winter outfit needs an oversized handbag to go with it, such as this gorgeous tan bag from New Look. I feel if you’re wearing a plain outfit or a long winter jacket a large handbag balances it out perfectly and adds a feminine touch to any outfit.

So thats it for my winter wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed this!


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