My favourite albums

Writing is my passion, but song is my muse. I think music is an incredible source of inspiration and one song can speak more words than a dozen articles. There is something so precious and emotive about music and I truly admire those who can create it and bring such joy to people through their songs. So here is a collection of my favourite albums and artists that never grow tiresome to me…


‘Night Visions’ is the incredible debut album by Imagine Dragons. Their alternative indie sound is so refreshing, and their songs are so diverse- from the heavy bass of ‘Radioactive’ to the uplifting tune ‘On Top of The World’. Each song is unique, authentic, and genuinely enjoyable to listen to. Seeing them headline Reading festival this year was truly an incredible experience as you can tell they are genuinely grateful for everything they have and are truly passionate about making music that makes people happy. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to this one.


Another act I saw at Reading festival is ‘Nothing But Thieves’. Their deep angsty sound is so distinctive and they definitely stand out as one of the best contemporary new rock bands out there. Plus the lead singer, Conor Mason, has the most incredible vocals- in a industry saturated with lip syncing and auto-tune, his amazing vocal range really makes their music stand out. And like Imagine Dragons, you can see they are so thankful for their fans which I think is so humble, hence why I support them and their music so much.


 ‘Breakthrough’ by Colbie Caillat is truly a gem of an album. Colbie isn’t that well known in the UK however many are familiar with her recent song ‘Try’ which is a beautiful tune about empowering women and loving yourself for who you are. ‘Breakthrough’ is a beautiful mix of mostly acoustic songs with a hint of pop and reggae in some cases, which pairs beautifully with Colbie’s soft voice. The upbeat feel good tracks ‘You Got Me’ and ‘Rainbow’ are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter what genre of music they like.


‘Save Rock and Roll’ is my personal favourite album from Fall Out Boy. I really think they’re a timeless band and each album they’ve produced has been incredible. What I love about this particular album is that there is such an eclectic mix of songs- from the heavy ‘Rat A Tat’ to the breezy, youthful ‘Young Volcanoes’. I suppose their music has a relatively pop feel to it compared to some of the other rock bands out there however it completely works for them, and their songs are always catchy and so unique to the band.


Sia is truly one of my favourite artists with my favourite album being ‘1000 Forms of Fear’. No one can deny that Sia has an absolutely incredible voice, and she is so unique and refreshing compared to other generic pop/indie artists out there. Not to mention she has such a talent at composing- I think her lyrics are so intelligent and poignant. My personal favourite song on here is ‘Dressed in Black’ as it’s beautifully melodic and emotive, and I particularly love the line describing ‘a butterfly kissing a child with an eye for the minor key’- Sia clearly knows how to use both language and music to create a piece of art.


 Finally, ‘The Family Jewels’ by another one of my favourite artists ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ is her quirky, alternative debut album. Although she has now produced three albums, this one is still my favourite as I think all the song’s illustrate Marina’s personal independance and strength, and cover social issues such as fame and feminism. Her quirky voice isn’t to everyone’s taste but I think she’s incredibly talented and has an amazing vocal range. Oh No! from this album is and always will be one of my favourite songs- this is definitely a must buy.




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