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Full lips, the natural way

Plump, pouty lips has become one of the biggest beauty trends as a result of Kylie Jenner taking social media by storm, and an increasing number of us are going under the knife to achieve this now ‘desirable’ look. And if they’re not going under the knife, they’re excessively over drawing their lips to create the illusion of larger lips. I think beauty comes in all forms and full lips doesn’t always equal beautiful, however many of us want to subtly enhance our lips whilst maintaining a natural look, as extreme overdrawing can look a bit over the top sometimes and isn’t always pratical. So this is how to get fuller lips whilst still maintaining a natural look…


First use a lip scrub, such as this delicious bubblegum scented one from Lush. Not only will this leave your lips soft and free of flakey skin, it’ll stimulate blood flow in the lips and therefore make them look slightly plumper. Of course apply your favourite lip balm afterwards to replish your lips and ensure you have a smooth base to apply your makeup on so that it’ll last longer.


Now take a nude pink lip liner that is the same shade as your lips- I’m using the Model Co Illusion Lip Liner as the formula goes on effortlessly and it’s such a lovely shade that is almost a perfect match for my lip colour. Apply a thin line of this just outside your lower lip line to give you the look of slightly plumped lips, and ensure it’s blended into your natural lipline. Don’t overline the upper lip as this can look unnatural; instead just apply a small amount of white eyeliner directly in the centre of your cupids bow and blend this slightly to create the a subtle highlight which will enhance your lips. If you’re wearing this as an evening look you can apply highlighter instead of white liner to create a sexy subtle shimmer.


Now take a dark pink tinted lip balm or lipstick (although if you use lipstick ensure it’s a sheer colour in order to keep the look soft and natural). I’m using Clinique’s chubby stick in Super Strawberry as it’s very light and just a few shades darker than my natural lip colour which is exactly what you want for this look. Take a lip brush, and apply the product to the outer corners of your lips only- leave the centre of your lips clean. Now take a light, sheer nude lip colour (such as my favourite: Nude Pop by Clinique) and apply this to the centre of your lips and blend the edges in to the darker pink colour. This will create highlight and shadow on your lips thus making them look plumper whilst still maintaining a natural look. To further enhance this effect you can apply a touch of clear lipgloss on the centre of your lips to create the illusion of light reflection, however you don’t have to do this if you prefer matte lips.


And there you have it, plump, full lips done the natural way. Here’s the a before and after comparison to show how natural this look is. I hope you enjoyed this!


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