Mineral foundations: Bare Minerals vs. Intelligent cosmetics

Bare Minerals is probably the most popular mineral makeup line, however at £26.50 for the original powder foundation, this is certainly an investment. Despite ths I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bare Minerals and was so excited to try out their foundation, especially seeing as my skin is acne prone and I prefer to use natural makeup that hopefully won’t cause irritation. On the other hand, Intelligent Cosmetics are a cheaper alternative to Bare Minerals, with their powder foundation at only £5.95 on Amazon. Although the reviews were mixed the majority were positive, but I was skeptical because of the price. I ordered both foundations as I’ve started using lighter foundations and BB creams as opposed to heavy coverage products, plus I was intrigued to see how the two mineral foundations would compare.


Both arrived quickly which is a plus, however I much prefer the matte black packaging of the Bare Minerals foundation. The Intelligent Cosmetics pot just looked incredibly cheap- although this is to be expected because of the price, I can’t deny that the Bare Minerals foundation is presented much more attractively. Plus although the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation is cheaper the pot is considerably smaller so perhaps it’s not as good of a bargain as it appears.


Now for the foundation itself. I applied both foundations on each half of my face to see how they would compare and I have to say, I was more impressed by the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation. I ordered the shade ‘Light’ as there were few colour choices so I was concerned it wouldn’t match my skin tone however it was actually a perfect match. It looked very natural but still had relatively good coverage for a light foundation- only small amounts of concealer were required to cover my acne scarring. Plus it was easy to blend and very mattifying which is ideal for my oily skin.  However I was not too pleased with the Bare Minerals foundation. I ordered the shade ‘Fairly Light’- it stated on their website that this shade is ideal for ‘Porcelain to light skin with neutral undertones’ which sounded perfect for my skin tone as I have ivory skin, so it’s not incredibly pale and is fairly neutral, however when I tried the foundation it was practically orange. I was so disappointed as the foundation looked perfect in the pot but then it was incredibly dark when I applied it. This may have been my fault for ordering the wrong shade but there was only one shade lighter than this foundation (which is apparently ideal for pink undertones and so wouldn’t match my skin). However in terms of quality of the foundation it was velvet smooth and although it wasn’t as full coverage as the Intelligent Cosmetics one it did look very natural and blend effortlessly into the skin.

I wore each foundation on a separate day to see how well it lasted and to be honest they were fairly similar in terms of durability. Both of them were very mattifying, however when I blotted my skin some of the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation came off whereas the Bare Minerals foundation didn’t. However both of them are relatively long lasting and felt very light on the skin so they’re ideal for everyday wear.

 I think I would only purchase the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation again. Although the Bare Minerals foundation was perhaps slightly more long lasting, and more attractively packaged, the colour was incredibly orange and personally I need a little bit more coverage to cover my acne scarring which the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation provided. Overall both are good quality products but I did not think the Bare Minerals product was worth its price, whereas I think the Intelligent Cosmetics foundation was worth more than its price.


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