The perfect little black dress


In the words of Coco Chanel, ‘you can never go wrong with a little black dress’. The black dress is an iconic look that should be a staple in every fashion lovers wardrobe. It looks incredible on a night out or can be dressed down for a trendy day time look, and of course, black goes with everything and suits all skin tones. Plus there’s so many options out there, so you can choose a black dress that is perfect for you and suits your body shape. If you want to keep it girly as opposed to sultry then lace is a great option and suits everyone, and is perfect for achieving that parisian day time look. However plain fabrics also look great, particularly when the dress has a unique silhouette. There are so many variations on the classic little black dress so you can choose  shape that works for you, for example you can choose a body con to show off your curves, or opt for a looser style if you’re less confident or don’t want the look to be too sexy. Long sleeves are also a great option for the colder months, or if you’re just not wanting to show as much flesh.

My little black dress was from Amazon- I brought it as the reviews were good, however I was not expecting much considering it was only around £8, but it turned out to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It’s a black body con dress with ribbed detailing and a subtle cut out in the back which I love as it adds interest and gives the dress a sultry look. It is relatively short, I’d say it comes to around two thirds down my thigh, however it does keep everything covered whilst still hugging your figure and showing off your assets. The fabric is also really soft so it’s so comfortable on which is brilliant considering the price


This dress is more designed for a night out however paired with the right pieces it can look great in the daytime, I think it looks particularly great with a denim jacket. For a trendy look, I pair my dress with a cropped denim jacket that I got from New Look; it’s super casual and the fact that its cropped gives it a sexy element. I then pair it with black tights and chunky black boots to toughen up the look, and then usually I add my black bowler hat from Peacocks to add a trendy modern touch and keep this outfit very much a daytime look. However it I want to keep things even more casual then I pair my little black dress with my denim hoodie from Hollister which is super casual and comfortable. Once again I add black tights (just because it’s England and its never usually that warm) and pair them with these simple black canvas trainers from Amazon which were incredibly affordable and go with everything (and match the dress), so they’re great for creating that effortlessly casual look.


For a night out, the dress can be worn on its own and still looks absolutely stunning, however if it’s cold, or you just want to mix thing up, black dresses look so gorgeous and classic with a faux fur jacket. I got this cream faux fur coat from New Look and it’s perfect for creating a vintage, glamorous look; plus it’s really warm so it’s ideal for winter. I also love the contrast of the black dress and the cream white coat- strong contrasting colours always create an eyecatching look and monochrome suits everybody. A night out is also a great time to accessorize. I think delicate jewellery looks best with a little black dress as it subtly enhances the look but keeps the focus on the dress, as well as keeping the outfit classic and understated. It’s up to you whether you go for gold or silver jewellery as both go with black, however my personal favourite is gold, and I love this long gold pendant necklace it looks beautiful paired with my black dress and long necklaces always look sexy as they draw attention to your assets. Finally, there’s the shoes. Nearly all shoes go with a little black dress, and killer stilettos always look amazing on a night out. You can pair your dress with black shoes if you want to keep the look simple and understated, and you can also opt for black wedges if you want a more comfortable option- these wedges look great with my black dress and the jewel detailing adds an extra touch of glamour. Your shoes are also a great way to add a pop of colour to your evening outfit, any colour heel will go with a black dress so you’ve got plenty of choice, but I think red heels look great and create a sultry look. I love this red heels from Peacocks as they’re comfortable and the colour is so vibrant, plus the sheen of them contrasts with the matte dress fabric to really create a strong, eyecatching look.

So thats how to find the right little black dress for you, and how to wear it all year round, day and night. I hope you enjoyed this!

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