Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award outfits

If there’s one celebrity who’s outfits always stand out to me at the annual Grammy Awards, it’s Taylor Swift. Miss Swift has gone from America’s country singing sweetheart to global superstar, and although there has been some controversy surrounding her lately, I massively respect her musical talent as few artists have song writing abilities that match up to hers. I also love her wardrobe, I think she can pull of any look, paticularly glamourous evening looks which is why she always looks incredible at the Grammy’s. So here’s a pick of some of my favourite outfits she’s rocked at the yearly music award ceremony…


This black plunging dress is from the 2009 Grammy’s when Taylor was just beginning her music career. Black always looks incredibly elegant, and the low cut neckline keeps it looking sultry without exposing too much flesh. I also think the texture of the skirt gives this dress a youthful look and stops it from looking overly sexy. She’s paired this very simple dress with bold glamourous jewellery to make the look more interesting, and I love her classic ringlet curls.


This unusual gold embroidered dress is from the 2012 Grammy’s- it wouldn’t work on most people but Taylor’s lean figure means she looks amazing in it. It’s a much more striking look than the black dress, and the various tones of gold make it look so glamourous. The intricate patterns and high neck collar also give this dress an exotic twist, but the heart shaped cut out inkeeps with Taylor’s innocent persona. I also love her sleek simple updo and minimal jewellery- it perfectly balances out the busy patterns on the dress.


This silver and white Grecian style dress is from the 2013 Grammy’s. All white looks amazing with Taylor’s colouring, however plain white is not always very eyecatching, so I love the silver detailing on the bodice that makes this such a unique dress and adds a modern twist to an otherwise simple, classic outfit. The cutouts also make this dress more sexy, showing Taylor’s transition from innocent girl next door to world famous starlet. The braided updo also looks stunning, it shows off her toned neck and shoulders and gives this outfit a Greek Goddess look.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

This glittering silver number is from the 2014 Grammy’s and is probably one of my favourite of Taylor’s looks. A full length glittering gown is risky but the figure hugging shape keeps it mature and sexy, plus the mesh balances out the glitter. The short sleeves and simple neckline also stop this dress from being too busy, but of course it’s still beautifully eyecatching and silver looks incredibly glamourous on everyone. I also love how Taylor has matched her eye makeup to the silver gown; it really brings the whole outfit together and a silver smokey eye makes for a gorgeous evening look.


Finally, this from the 2015 Grammy’s, so this outfit of Taylor’s is relatively recent. This blue gradient dress looks so bold and eyecatching, and the multiple shades of blue add dimension to it. Also the style of it exposes Taylor’s enviable legs, but the voluminous skirt still keeps this look classic and glamourous. Pairing this dress with contrasting pink colour pop shoes balances out the strong colour of the dress and makes this look so modern and fun, as well as showing that Taylor can pull of anything. Although I loved Taylor’s curls she looks amazing with this sleek bob- it frames her face beautifully and looks much more mature.

So that’s my favourite Taylor Swift Grammy Award outfits- I can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing for the 2017 awards!

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