My winter night time routine

I always see night time/morning routines on Youtube and for some reason I find them so entertaining. It’s probably just because I’m a nosy person, plus there’s something so cosy and relaxing about watching a winter night routine. So this is my typical routine for when I get home from college in the winter…


The first thing I do when I get home is take off my makeup and have a shower. This probably seems odd to a lot of people as most have showers first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, but I find that having a shower helps refresh me so I can do my homework and it gives my hair time to dry before bed. So for my shampoo I use the Herbal Essences ‘Uplifting Volume’ shampoo which I’ve been using for the longest time- it has such a lovely orange scent and it doesn’t weigh down my hair like most shampoos do which is great as I love big voluminous hair. Then I use Pantene ‘Breakage defence’ conditioner which is perfect as I often have loads of split ends no matter how careful I am with my hair so this conditioner just helps to make sure my hair is strong and broken ends are kept at bay. Now I usually change my shower gel quite a lot as I love to try different scents but at the moment I’m loving The Body Shop’s ‘Frosted Cranberry’ gel which has such a fresh fruity scent and always makes me feel engerized at the end of a long hard day.


Now after I get out the shower I wash my face using Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel and then follow up with the multi active toner. I’ve been using Dermalogica products for years and although they’re pricey they work so well for my acne prone skin and use natural ingredients meaning they’re incredibly gentle. Then I use my Simple Oil Control moisturizer- I get through moisturizer fairly quickly so I couldn’t afford to keep spending money on the Dermalogica one, however this Simple product works just as well; it hydrates my skin and reduces excess oil production leaving  you fresh and shine free.


After my shower I grab a drink of water, get changed into a comfy, warm jumper and some pyjama trousers and I usually spend a couple of hours doing homework. I’m studying English Literature, Biology and Geography which are all fairly heavy subjects, so I try to do as much work as possible in my free periods at college to minimise the work I have to do at home. I usually have a little bit to do in the evening, such as Biology question or finishing off an essay, but I can get it done before 6pm. Then once I’ve finished my homework I tend to work on my blog until dinner time.


After dinner I put on my pyjama top and dressing gown and usually watch TV for an hour or so- at the moment I’ve been watching Friends as I have the entire box set, plus that show never gets old to me! I also like to have a hot chocolate or a vanilla latte to warm me up and help me relax for the evening. Then once I’ve finished a couple of episodes I head upstairs and either read or watch Youtube on my phone. Plus I love messaging my friends and my lovely girlfriend in the evening to see how everyone is.

Just before I go to bed I brush my teeth and grab myself a glass of water in case I get thirsty in the night, and then I splash my face with water (to remove excess oil) and apply my PanOxyl acne cream over my face. This cream is hard to get hold of now but it’s very affordable and has worked wonders on my skin- the benzoyl peroxide in it causes peeling within the pores to remove inpurities and prevent build up of dirt and oils which leads to spots. It’s also perfect for drying up spots quickly and helping them heal with minimal scarring.


Then I just get into bed and get nice and cosy, and eventually drift off to sleep. So thats my winter night routine- I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll be doing a morning routine when it gets warmer again because lets face it, no one likes winter mornings!


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