Does Natural Collection makeup really work?

‘Natural Collection’ created by Boots UK is a makeup brand where every piece is only £1.99. Everything they sell, from foundations to lipstick, is incredibly affordable which is great for makeup beginners or buyers on a budget, however with low prices, quality is often compromised and sometimes you’re better off spending a little more to get a makeup product that is high quality. So I picked up a few pieces from this brand to see if they actually work despite the price tag…


I love light and hydrating BB creams so I picked up the Tinted Moisturizer in Light, as it sounded perfect for just giving a little bit of coverage to even out my skin tone which is all I need really. It did feel very light on the skin, however that was about the only positive. It was almost impossible to blend out- as soon as I applied it to my skin it sunk into my pores and accentuated the dry areas instead of hydrating them, making it impossible to blend the product out and leaving me with an uneven, flakey finish which is the opposite to what I would expect from a tinted moisturizer. Although it was cheap it was such bad quality that I’d rather pay a higher price for my current BB cream which works beautifully.

Now for the eye makeup. I chose two of the duo eyeshadows: Mocha/Latte and Starlight/Midnight. I really love the choice of colours they have on offer for their duo eyeshadows and these two are perfect for creating either a brown or a black smokey eye without needing an entire palette. The shadows are velety smooth, however they’re not very pigmented so you do have to apply a fair few layers to create a stronger colour. Plus the eyeshadows aren’t particularly long lasting; it may just because my skin is so oily a lot of makeup products I try tend to slip and slide, but throughout the day the eyeshadows faded to the point where they were hardly noticeable. The quality is average, however I would recommend these for those wanting to experiment with eyeshadow colours without breaking the bank.

I also tried the black liquid eyeliner, as a cat eye is my go to makeup look and I always need a supply of eyeliner. What I like about this is you get a fair amount of product; most eyeliners come in a tiny pot that runs out pretty quickly but I think this will last me a while. The applicator was similar to most eyeliners so it was easy to apply and unlike the eyeshadows it was very pigmented and dark which is just what you want with an eyeliner. However I experienced the same issue as the shadows in the sense that it was not durable at all and by the end of the day most of the product was running down my lower lash line. So although this product does have a lot of pros, particularly the size of the container, I wouldn’t swap it for my regular eyeliner as it certainly wouldn’t last a whole day at work or college.


Finally, the lip products are actually brilliant quality and I would use these over some high end products. Firstly I have the lipstick in ‘Crimson’ which is a pure red colour. It’s so creamy and hydrating so it gives you a flawless finish, and it’s very pigmented, more so than a lot of more expensive lipsticks, and is perfect for either a day or night look. Next I have their lipgloss in ‘Vanilla’ which I have actually been using for years- it was one of the first makeup products I tried and I’ve repurchased it multiple times as it’s the best clear lipgloss I’ve used. It smells delicious and isn’t sticky unlike the other clear glosses I’ve tried. It also gives your lips the most beautiful mirror like shine which is so impressive considering the price, so I would definitely recommend their lip products!


Overall, I have mixed feelings about this brand. I love the lip products, I think they work incredibly well considering the price, however I wouldn’t replace my regular eyeliner and eyeshadows for the Natural Collection products, and the tinted moisturizer was just poor quality all round. I like the idea of creating a range of makeup that is affordable to everyone, however I just don’t think the majority of the products are high quality enough to actually use on a daily basis.


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