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What I wore to my Prom

I’m sure a lot of people probably look back at their Prom photos with embarrassment thinking ‘why did I wear that?’ or ‘why did I do my hair like that?’. My prom was about a year and a half ago now; it’s not a huge deal in England but everyone still makes an effort to dress up and hire a limo to arrive in. My favourite part of Prom was dressing up and getting ready as I’d never had a chance to do that before;  personally I loved, and still love, my Prom outfit so I kept my dress and my shoes just in case I had an excuse to wear them again. So here’s all the pieces that I wore to my Prom…


Firstly, and most importantly, my dress was from Phase Eight; I ordered it online as it was reduced from £120 to £35 so I thought there was no harm in trying it out, and it turned out to be the one. I knew I wanted a red dress as I feel red suits my colouring and is both eye-catching and sophisticated, and I loved the dark red shade of this dress- it’s not too bold and harsh but is still beautifully vibrant. I also thought the beading on the neckline was gorgeous for adding a unique twist to the dress and adding interest. My favourite part of the dress was the shape of it, it was very fitted and clinched at the waist so it enhanced my curves. The back of the dress also had a small oval cut out which I think was a beautiful touch and it was fairly heavy so it fell effortlessly and created a lovely silhouette.


Now for the shoes, intially I was going to wear red shoes, however I decided to go for gold diamante heels instead to match my jewellery and bring the outfit together. I found these gorgeous gold heels on Amazon; I don’t remember how much they were however it was definitely under £30 so they were very affordable. What I loved about these shoes was how unique they are- I loved all the intricate cut outs and of course the jewels still kept them glamourous. And the soles/heels are absolutely beautiful; I love the gem stone patterns and I’d never seen a pair of shoes like this before so I thought they’d be a great quirky touch to my outfit whilst still remaining elegant.


Of course a small clutch bag is essential to keep your phone and any makeup you need for touch-ups in, and I was so thrilled when I found this clutch in TXMaxx for only around £15. It was the perfect size to keep all my must haves in and was very structured which I liked as I felt that worked well with my outfit. The colour was a perfect match with my dress and the gold detailing matched my shoes and jewellery so I felt like it really completed the outfit, plus the velvet material gave the outfit a mix of textures and made the bag look a lot more expensive that it actually was.


Finally, accessories. I didn’t wear any necklaces or braclets as I wanted my dress to be the center of attention, however I did wear this gorgeous pair of gold chandelier earrings from Accessorize (and plain gold studs in my other ear piercings). I loved the intricate design and felt these matched my shoes really well, plus they’re very delicate and not over powering so I think they worked beautifully with this outfit and accessorized it brilliantly.

I finished off my Prom look with soft simple curls, a brown smokey eye, bronzed skin and of course a lot of body shimmer. So that’s it for my Prom outfit, I hope you enjoyed this and that you have a lovely Prom if yours is coming up soon!


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