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Beauty essentials for under £4

There’s so many gorgeous high end beauty products out there that have rave reviews, but sometimes the price tag is enough to put you off. However you don’t need to spend a fortune to have glowing soft skin and healthy shiny hair, in fact, I’ve found a lot of brilliant products that I use on a daily basis that are all under £4. So here’s a pick of some of my favourite beauty essentials that are both affordable and high quality…


First I have this clay face mask from Boots which was only £1.50. I have very oily, acne prone skin so clay face masks are ideal for purifying my skin and preventing break outs. However my previous go to face mask from Dermalogica was very expensive and considering I use a face mask at least once, if not twice a week I couldn’t afford to keep spending that much. However this mask does the exact same job- it feels incredibly fresh on the skin and gives your pores a deep cleanse, plus it’s very quick drying so you don’t have to leave it on for too long which is great for when you have a busy schedule.


Next I have my cleansing facial wipes from Superdrug which are only 99p for 25 wipes.  Other cleansing wipes I’d used always made my eyes water when removing makeup however these are so gentle so they’d be ideal for sensitive skin, plus they’re very large so one wipe is enough to remove a full face of makeup which makes is brilliant as most cleansing wipes can’t remove all your makeup. These are so cheap which would probably make a lot of people skeptical of them but they’re the best makeup removing wipes I’ve used and I’d never change to another brand.


Cocoa butter vaseline is only £1.89 and it’s my go to lip balm. A lot of people buy these little pots of vaseline and never even finish them but I get through about one a month. Vaseline is perfect for dry lips- it hydrates them and softens any dry patches so they can be exfoliated away leaving soft smooth lips. I also love the cocoa butter vaseline as it’s a lot lighter than the original vaseline which can sometimes feel a bit greasy, and it has a vanilla like scent which I love. A lot of lip balms designed for very dry lips are expensive, such as the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but vaseline is perfect for hydrating your lips and is super affordable.


I love body mists as I feel they’re a lot lighter and more wearable than perfumes, and I particularly love vanilla scents. I found that all the vanilla body sprays and fragrances I tried were either incredibly sickly and musty, or didn’t actually smell anything like vanilla, until I found this Vanilla Body Mist for only £3.50 from Boots. Of course the price is great, but it has such a delicate pure vanilla scent, and it’s very light so doesn’t smell too sweet and sickly. It’s definitely one of my favourite scents and is a must for anyone who loves vanilla, and who doesn’t want to empty their wallet on expensive perfumes.


Next I have my Hand and Nail Cream which is £1.49 from Superdrug. Hand cream is essential for me, especially now it’s winter, however a lot of handcreams are very thick and can feel quite greasy. However this is light, quick absorbing, but very hydrating at the same time, as well as having a light almond scent which I love, and gorgeous pink packaging that reminds me of Soap & Glory products (although this is a fraction of the price). I also like that it strengthens your nails as well as mine break easily, particularly when I’m at work, so it’s great that this product is multi functional meaning I don’t have to get a separate nail cream, making this product even more of a bargain.


Finally, I have my coconut oil which is only £2.49 from Superdrug, and it does absolutely everything; it can be used as a body lotion, hair mask and lip balm. Coconut oil is known for it’s multi vitamins and hydrating properties so it’s ideal for either dry damaged hair or dry skin. Personally, my hair is quite brittle and breaks easily, so I love applying a generous amount of the oil before I wash my hair to give it a deep conditioning. And of course it leaves you smelling lovely, and all for such an affordable price.

So that’s all for my favourite beauty essentials that are all under £4. I hope you enjoyed this!


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