Mary-Lou highlighter review

‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ highlighter by The Balm cosmetics is a cult classic makeup item. Prices range depending on the store, however it’s usually around £15 which is fairly reasonable considering it’s a higher end brand, and has rave reviews. I tend to avoid highlighter as my skin is fairly oily and I prefer a matte, natural finish, however I’ve been loving it recently to add a hint of shimmer to my skin and accentuate my cheekbones, and after seeing countless good reviews for Mary-Lou, I decided to give it a try. The packaging is so quirky and beautiful and will definitely stand out in your makeup collection, plus it comes with a mirror which is great as it means you get more for your money and makes this product perfect for when you’re on the go. My current MUA highlighter looks lovely however the powder is patterned and therefore has a lot of contours and crevices on the surface which makes it difficult to pick up the product with your brush, so I like that Mary-Lou has a simple flat surface.


 One of my favourite things about this highlighter is the colour of it; a lot of highlighters (including my MUA one) are very unnatural colours such as gold or a frosty pink, however this is a fairly nude shade and I think this makes it much more wearable for a day to day look. I applied it with a fan brush, as usual, and it went on very smoothly. It is much more pigmented than my current highlighter however the natural colour means it still looks subtle so it’s perfect for adding just a subtle shimmer (although the shimmer isn’t very visible in the photo). The fact that it’s fairly pigmented also means it works brilliantly as an eyeshadow as well; I used it to highlight my inner corners and brow bones (places where you want your highlighter to be more vibrant) and after a couple of layers it produced a strong shimmer, so it’s great that this product can be used for both your face and your eyes.


The only downside to this product is that it didn’t look as vibrant and shimmery by the end of the day; although the compact comes with a mirror (so you could reapply when you’re out and about) I tend not to reapply my facial makeup throughout the day as my skin gets very oily and reapplication makes my skin feel a bit cakey. However it still lasts longer than my current highlighter and looks better so this doesn’t overly bother me, and overall I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a little more pricey than drugstore highlighter however it’s beautifully presented and very high quality, plus it’s perfect for those who love a natural shimmering look on a daily basis.


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