The best nude lipsticks

Nude colours are my go to; they’re effortlessly sexy and add a hint of colour to your lips whilst looking sophisticated and natural. Plus there’s such a variety of nude lip colours that you can choose one thats perfect for your skin tone and is either matte, shimmer, sheer or opaque, depending on your prefences. The majority of my lipstick collection consists of nude tones as I prefer them to bold colours, so here’s a pick of my favourite nude lipsticks…


I usually stay away from matte liquid lipsticks as I find them uncomfortable, especially when wearing them for long periods of time, however Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics is one of my favourite lip colours. It’s a cool dark pink/brown tone so it’s perfect for those who prefer a darker nude, and of course matte lip colours. It’s very smooth and I don’t find it sticky like most liquid lipsticks which is why it’s one of my favourites in my collection, and another positive is that it lasts all day with no need to reapply so it’s great if you’re on the go.


I recently brought this lipstick from Avon in Blush Nude and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. This lipstick definitely has the most creamy consistancy out of all of them which I love as it makes it ultra hydrating. It’s very neutral which is great for my skin tone and has cool pink/purple undertones so it gives your lips a little more of a glamourous colour, but it’s still very wearable for an everyday makeup look. It’s fairly inexpensive and the quality means it’s definitely worth it, and it’s perfect for those with dry lips.


China Rose by Collection 2000 is certainly the most affordable of these lipsticks and is very good quality for a drugstore lipstick. This is definitely the most pinkish nude out of all of the lipsticks and is fairly opaque so it’s great if you prefer this to sheer lip colours. It’s a very cool nude pink shade so this is ideal if you have cooler colouring, and personally I just prefer cool tones for the winter months. This lipstick also lasts all day which you wouldn’t expect for a drugstore product, however it’s incredibly durable.


Finally, Nude Pop by Clinique is probably my favourite lipstick I own; I wear it almost everyday. The packaging is beautiful an the formula is creamy but very light, so you don’t even feel like you have any lipstick on. Its a fairly good match for my natural lip colour so it’s good for just adding a hint of colour when your lips look slightly on the pale side. It has a tiny hint of shimmer which I love as although it isn’t overly visible I just feel it adds more dimension to your lips and this makes them look slightly fuller. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone, it’s on the expensive side but it’s certainly worth it.


These are swatches of all the lip colours; Candy K, Blush Nude, China Rose and Nude Pop (going from top to bottom). And that’s all for my favourite nude lip colours, I hope you enjoyed this!


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