Christmas 2016: makeup

Unfortunately Christmas is over again; without a doubt it’s my favourite time of year and I love giving back to my friends, family and girlfriend. It sounds cliché but I’m definitely not alone when I say that I much prefer giving presents to getting presents, particularly when you find something that you know someone is really going to love; it’s much more satsifysing to make someone else happy. However I got some lovely makeup and beauty items from my very generous family and friends this year which I adore. So here’s the pieces I got at Christmas and what I think of them all…


Firstly I have this Magnif’eyes eyeshadow palette by Rimmel London (in the shade ‘London Nudes Calling’) from my friend India. Rimmel is definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands and this palette certainly didn’t disappoint; I’ve been wearing more colourful eyemakeup recently and I’m loving a pink/purple nude eye so the colours in this palette are perfect for creating that look, plus there’s a nice mixture of matte and shimmer shades so a wide variety of eye looks can be created. I also love the small size of this palette; a lot of eyeshadow palettes are very big and bulky so you can’t easily take them with you when travelling, however this is very compact and has an inner mirror making it great for on the go.


Next I got the cult favourite Benefit Hoola Bronzer from my girlfriend Anezka which I’m so glad I recieved as I’ve been dying to try it for ages. The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a brush and mirror so although Benefit products are more on the expensive side you definitely get your money’s worth. It’s very matte which I love as most bronzers are shimmery which looks lovely but I feel it isn’t very wearable on a daily basis. It’s also very pigmented so you only need a little which is great as it means it’ll last much longer. This has already replaced my previous bronzer in my daily makeup routine because I love it so much!


Next I have another eyeshadow palette from my Mum: Pearlfusion shadow in Brownluxe by Mac. Gold’s and brown’s are my favourite eyeshadow colours, and I love shimmer shades as well, so this palette is perfect for me. It features five shades ranging from pale colours perfect for highlighting, and dark shimmer colours which are great for defining your crease. The shadows are velvet smooth and very pigmented which means they’ll last longer, and it’s fairly compact as well so it’s great for taking with you when travelling. I’ve never tried Mac products before as there isn’t that many stores that stock the brand in the UK, however I was very impressed with this palette.


Finally I have this lipstick in Velvet Passion 316 from Kiko Milano, which was a present from my Aunt. I love Kiko as their makeup is beautifully packaged, very high quality, but also relatively inexpensive; I believe the majority of their lip colours are around £10 which is much less than other high end brands. This lipstick is a dark pinkish brown similar to Candy K by Kylie Jenner; it’s fairly subtle but very beautiful and sophisticated. It’s very creamy and hydrating but has a relatively matte finish, and also has a lovely sweet scent. This lipstick is definitely one of my new favourites and I’ll be buying more from Kiko in the future.

I also recieved a Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry from my Mum as my current Chubby Stick was running out and I use this product nearly everyday, I’ve already reviewed it in my best tinted lip balms post so feel free to check that out to. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this!


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