Christmas 2016: fashion

I’ve been feeling like it’s about time to clear out my wardrobe and get some new pieces, and luckily I got some beautiful clothes this year for Christmas. I have some clothes that I love dearly, however there isn’t much variety in my wardrobe, particularly in colours and materials, so I put some pieces on my Christmas list this year that I thought would add some interest to my wardrobe, and was lucky enough to receive them. So here’s the clothing items that I got for Christmas in 2016…


Firstly I have these deep blue velvet boots from New Look which were a present from my Mum. I love velvet so I was so pleased with these; I feel texture adds interest to even the simplest of outfits and I love shoes with heels as I’m fairly petite so they add a bit of height. The heel is very thick as well so these boots are still comfortable and easy to walk in, unlike shoes with stiletto heels. The majority of my shoes are black so I asked for these boots to add some colour to my shoe collection; deep blue is great because it’s subtle and goes with everything, however it’s much more vibrant than black, and the added shine that the velvet gives these boots makes them very eye-catching.


Also from New Look, I have this pale green-grey roll neck jumper from my Aunt. Once again, a lot of the jumpers I own are either grey or black so I wanted to add some colour to my outfit; this is a fairly subtle colour which I like as I don’t particularly like bright bold clothes, plus I feel green compliments my colouring well. Roll neck jumpers are my favourite so I love the large, loose neck on this jumper; I always think roll necks have a vintage, retro look about them and they’re perfect for keeping warm in the winter. Plus this jumper is incredibly soft and comfortable so it’s great for everyday wear, particularly when you have a busy schedule ahead and want to feel comfy all day whilst still looking stylish.

This top and dress are both from Bershka and were a present from my Gran. Bershka is one of my new favourite high street brands for affordable yet unique pieces that look a lot more expensive than they are, and these two items are a great addition to my wardrobe. I’ve been wanting one of these mini slip dresses for a while now as I see so many people rocking them, so I’m very glad I got one. It has a loose, unstructured style so it is a great dress to wear on a daily basis layered over a t shirt, however the fuchsia sparkles also mean it’s great for a night out. The top is also beautiful, it’s just a plain black t shirt so it goes with everything, however it’s very fitted and has a cut out neckline which makes it look beautiful and sultry. I also love the build in choker as it’s a great way of adding interest to a very simple t shirt.


Finally I have these light blue silk pyjamas which were from my girlfriend. I love luxurious lounge wear as I think it makes you feel beautiful even when you’re just lazing about. Baby blue is one of my favourite colours as it’s both vibrant and delicate at the same time, and the white lace compliments it beautifully and makes these pyjamas feel ultra feminine. The top is cropped and the shorts are high waisted so they’re very flattering, and they’re still incredibly comfortable so they’re perfect for relaxing in.


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