A winter outfit with one brand

New Look is one of my favourite high street brands; they have such a variety of pieces to suit all styles and collections for specific body shapes including a petite section which is perfect for me. They’re also the perfect balance of quality and affordability. A lot of pieces in my winter wardrobe are from New Look, so here’s an entire outfit created from clothes that were all purchased at New Look…


So starting with the bare basics, this plain black long sleeved t-shirt has been in my wardrobe for years and I wear it nearly everyday in the winter under my jumper and coat. It’s so soft and very durable considering the amount it’s been worn, and because it’s long sleeved it keeps you warm in the cold winter weather. Plus black is ideal for wearing under jumpers as it blends in and isn’t visible under a knitted jumper.


Next I have these black skinny jeans which are perfect for winter as they go with every jumper and jacket I own. New Look has such a wide variety of jeans in all colours and styles so you can choose some that are ideal for your body shape; skinny jeans suit my frame and these are figure hugging without being overly tight and uncomfortable. Plus they’re high waisted which is great for petite people like me as it creates the illusion of longer legs.


This jumper is definitely one of my favourites in my wardrobe; the maroon, mustard and navy combination is beautiful and adds a subtle pop of autumnal colour to your outfit, and I feel these colours complement my colouring well. Polo necks are trending right now and I can certainly see why, plus they’re ideal for keeping you warm in the winter. This jumper is incredibly soft and cosy and it was definitely a worthwhile purchase.


Obviously a coat is essential for winter, and this long black felt like material jacket is one of my favourites. The fabric is very thick so it’s perfect for keeping warm in the winter, and I think long jackets also add extra warmth. Black is simplistic and goes with everything, so although this jacket was fairly expensive compared to other items from New Look, it’ll go with every winter outfit, so it’s definitely worth the price. Probably my favourite thing about it is the optional waist tie; it can be removed from the jacket however I love it as it gives the illusion of a smaller waist which accentuates your curves which is great for fairly small women like me.


I prefer flat shoes purely for comfort, however I still want them to look nice, so these black knee boots are perfect. I love the suede like material and the gold buckle detailing to add interest, plus they’re not too tight so they slip on easily over jeans and trousers. Knee boots are also great in the winter (compared to ankle boots) for keeping you warm and these were fairly inexpensive but have proved to be very durable as well.


Finally, I have this large brown bag. I feel a big handbag is essential for me as there’s a lot of things that I like to carry round with me on a daily basis, and this one is a great size for me. It’s man made as opposed to real leather which I like as it means no animals were harmed, and I love the soft tan colour; I feel it’s still very neutral (and so goes with everything) and it also stops the outfit from being too dark and dull. It’s also very sturdy; I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it shows no sign of aging, so it’s definitely worth it if you want a bag that’s going to last you.

So that’s an entire winter outfit with my favourite highstreet brand: New Look. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this!



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