Real Techniques eye set: review


‘Real Techniques’ created by beauty Youtubers Sam and Nic Chapman is a drugstore makeup brush collection, although they’re arguably as good as any high end brushes,if not better. I’ve had the Core Collection for a while now (which consists of four brushes designed to give you flawless contour and coverage) and I recieved the Eye Starter Set this Christmas. Like the Core Collection it comes in a case that you can fold in half so it acts as a brush stand, which is brilliant for when you’re doing your eyemakeup and are using multiple brushes. My only criticism is that the white colour of the case means any makeup stains show up a lot on this case, I can’t help but think a darker colour would have been more practical. However I think the brushes themselves are beautiful; I love the sleek purple colour and the brush fibres are incredibly soft and high quality, plus the great thing about Real Techniques brushes is that they maintain their softness and shape even after cleaning them dozens of times.


The eye set comes with five brushes; the first is the ‘deluxe crease brush’ which is a large soft brush designed for contouring your crease and creating the perfect smokey eye. The round shape of this brush is ideal for your crease as it covers all the contours of your eye and the large shape makes it perfect for blending. It’s also not as dense as the the other brushes which I like as very dense brushes are not ideal for blending and creating a gradual fade in the shadow. Out of all the brushes in the set I’ve definitely been using this one the most as I love using a brown shadow on my crease to create definition and this brush is perfect for that.


The next brush is the ‘base shadow brush’. This has more of an oval shape compared to the previous brush however that gives it a larger flat surface area which is ideal for applying a wash of shadow over your lids. It’s also smaller than the crease brush which makes it perfect for applying shadow to the inner half of your eye and under the lash line. It’s very dense which is ideal for applying your base shadow as it means the product doesn’t sink into the brush fibres meaning your eyeshadow remains bold and pigmented and there is minimal fall out from the brush.


Next there is the ‘accent brush’ which is small and fairly flat with a rounded tip. This can be used for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners; the small size means it’s perfect for applying shadow to the inner corners and the flat surface means that it can still cover your brow bone area in one sweep. It’s incredibly soft which is great for highlighting your inner corner as this area tends to be delicate, however it’s still very dense so there is hardly any eyeshadow fall out and it creates a beautiful, strong highlight. I also like to use it for applying a small amount of shadow to my lower lash line as it’s the perfect size for this, and the rounded tip stops the line of eyeshadow looking too sharp and harsh.


The ‘fine liner brush’ is the smallest of the brushes and is designed for applying cream eyeliner. It’s incredibly thin and delicate so it’s perfect for creating a sharp cat eye, and it’s very dense so the eyeliner remains very pigmented and black. It’s very soft which is great for your delicate eye area, and the handle of the brush is very thin which makes it easy to hold and control when doing eyeliner so that you can get it as precise as possible. The fibres are also fairly flexible (compared to some brushes that hold their shape) which makes it great for applying eyeliner as it’s easy to trace the contours of your eye.


Finally, there is the angled ‘brow brush’ which I’ve started using everyday to fill in my brows using my Avon brow powder. The sharp clean edge of the brush makes it perfect for shaping your brows and creating a defined arch, however the fibres are very soft and not too dense so it creates a very light and natural look. The brush is very flat so all the product is concentrated on the end of the brush meaning that you get a very precise line which is perfect if like me, you have fairly thin and sparse brows and don’t want to draw outside your natural brow line. Although I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday, I never fail to fill in my brows so I use this brush on a daily basis.

And that’s all for my review, I hope you enjoyed this! Real Techniques brushes can be purchased from most Boots stores or from the official Real Techniques website.


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