Mini Kiko makeup haul

Kiko Milano is undoubtedly one of my favourite makeup brands. Their products are affordable, high quality and beautifully packaged. Their makeup remind me of Mac products however it’s half the price and unlike Mac, Kiko doesn’t test their cosmetics on animals so all their products are cruelty free. I love the great range of makeup in Kiko; there’s plently of subtle, natural and more traditionally feminine makeup, and then there’s also more colourful quirky makeup which is what I want to start wearing more as I love experimenting with makeup. I was given a £20 Kiko voucher for Christmas, so here’s the products I brought with it…


First I have this baked eyeshadow duo in 09 Pearly Emerald/Metallic Violet. I’d seen this eyeshadow previously and I was desperate to try it as I love rich ‘galaxy’ colours, and I wanted to experiment with more bright and bold makeup. I love the packaging as it has a magnetic lid so it’s easy to open and close without breaking the eyeshadow. The colours are beautiful and are very shimmery which I love however I was slightly disappointed as it was not very pigmented and the colour on my lids wasn’t as vibrant as I would have hoped. However if you wet the brush before applying the shadow it is a lot more vibrant so I still like this product. The colours look lovely on their own (particularly when worn with winged liner) however they look amazing together as well.


Next I have the ‘super gloss’ in 100 which is just a plain clear gloss. I rarely wear lipgloss but if I do it’s always a clear gloss as it looks so glamourous but also more sophisticated than shimmer glosses. This gloss smells delicious; it has a light vanilla scent which I love. There’s not a lot to say about it as most clear glosses are fairly similar however this one was incredibly affordable (it was only around £3) yet it’s much higher quality than many other drugstore lipglosses that tend to be rather sticky which feels so uncomfortable. It has a beautiful mirror like shine and goes with any makeup look, so it’s definitely worth picking one up.


Finally I have the velvet passion lipstick in 325 which is a creamy matte black colour. I’d always considered black too gothic for me however I’d seen a various beauty youtubers doing black lip tutorials and they looked so glamourous and edgy I thought I’d try it out and I ended up loving the look. The lipstick is beautifully packaged and once again the product has a lovely sweet scent. The formula is rich and creamy however it’s also fairly matte so it’s ideal if you have dry lips but want a matte lipcolour. It’s very pigmented as well which is ideal for a strong colour such as black. Black often seems like an unwearable shade however it looks beautiful with a cat eye or a smokey eye, and I like to wear it with a generous amount of clear lip gloss to create an ultra glamourous look. I’d say it’s just as beautiful and wearable as a dark red or berry lip.


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