Mermaid makeup tutorial

I often see mermaid inspired makeup tutorials on youtube, usually for Halloween, and I just love the beautiful mix of colours used to create these looks. As it’s not Halloween this is a more toned down mermaid tutorial consisting of blue, purple and silver tones with big bold eyes to create a slightly cartoon like appearance, however this could definitely be worn to a costume party and altered to make it bolder, or just on a daily basis if you love bright colours. So this is my simple mermaid makeup tutorial…


First do your foundation and concealer as usual and use a pressed powder to set your makeup and mattify your skin. Next add a touch of bronzer to your cheekbones and your temples to contour your face slightly. I’m using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer as it blends effortlessly and is very matte so it looks subtle which is what you want for this makeup look as the contour shouldn’t be the main focus. Now fill in your brows; I’m just using my usual Avon brow powder in soft brown, however if you want to wear this look for a costume party you could fill in your brows using a blue or purple eyeshadow and set this using clear brow gel.


Now for the eyes; first highlight your inner corner and brow bone using a shimmery white eyeshadow to add mire sparkle to this look and make your eyes stand out. Now take a turquoise blue shimmer eyeshadow such as the one from this Kiko baked eyeshadow duo which has the perfect colours for this look; apply this generously all over your lids to create a strong blue base. Now take a shimmery purple shadow and apply this on the crease and outer corner and blend it until there are no sharp edges. Now for the lower lash line, take a white eyeliner pencil and line your waterline and slightly below your waterline to create the illusion of extended eye whites and therefore make your eyes look larger. Now using the smallest eyeshadow brush you have, apply a small amount of the purple eyeshadow under the white liner and blend it slightly so the edges aren’t too harsh. Next apply a thin line of black liquid liner along your upper lash line and wing it out to give your eyes more definition, and finally apply generous amounts of blue mascara. I’m using L’Oreal’s Miss Manga mascara which is perfect for this look as it’s a beautiful vibrant blue colour and creates long fluttery lashes.



Next take a silver highlighter such as this glitter eyeshadow from 17 that works brilliantly as a highlighter and use a fan brush to apply this to your cheekbones and cupids bow to create a subtle silver shine. If you’re wearing this look as part of a costume you can also add silver glitter to your cheekbones which I tried out for this tutorial and I really loved the result; obviously this isn’t ideal for everyday makeup but it looks great in photographs. Finally, take a pale blue or lavender lipstick such as this lip paint from Barry M and apply this over your lips; if it looks to harsh and you want it to look more subtle you can apply a touch of pink tinted lip balm over the top to tone the colour down. Just spritz your makeup with a setting spray to complete this look and make sure your makeup lasts.

Here’s the finished look, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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