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Fit for Friday: outfit inspiration

‘Fit for Friday’ is a style challenge given to me by British brand T.M. Lewin, which is all about creating versatile outfits for both men and women that can be worn at work and then to a night out. It’s a brilliant idea for those who have a tight schedule, or like me are on a budget and want to create a wide variety of outfits using as few pieces as possible.

The basics:

These are the basic pieces that will take you from day to night; for both the male and female looks I’ve chosen a simple black shirt and trousers all from T.M. Lewin which are known for their wide variety of high quality men’s shirts which come in a large range of colours and styles, from regular to super fitted. They also have a variety of sleeve lengths so you can find a fit that’s perfect for you. I think black is a great option when you’re heading out after work because it goes with everything and can look glamorous as well as smart which is ideal for a night out. In terms of women’s trousers there is a wide variety of styles you can choose however I love these ones shown here as they have a slim leg which I feel suits my body shape the best and also works well for a night out.

In terms of shoes, plain black loafers can be worn for the mens outfit and either plain black flats or heels (depending on what you prefer) can be worn for the women’s outfit. These will look smart for the work place but because they are plain and simplistic they’ll also go with an outfit for a night out.  I think that is a great place to go for smart plain black shoes for both men and women that are high quality and incredibly comfortable.

The workplace:

For a men’s office outfit I’ve chosen this simple black blazer also from T.M. Lewin. A black blazer is essential as once again it goes with everything and looks sophisticated for the work place. To add colour to this outfit I’ve chosen this pink silk tie also from T.M. Lewin; a tie always makes an outfit look more classy and it stops the outfit being too plain. Ties are also a great way to add a hint of colour without going overboard as bright, bold colours aren’t always the best for the work place. I love this pink tie as pink and black is a classic colour combination that suits everyone.


For the women’s outfit, I’ve chosen this beautiful coral pink blazer from T.M. Lewin to wear with the shirt and trousers. Once again, pink and black is a brilliant colour combination and coral is a beautiful colour as it’s bold but still very soft and feminine, and it looks great with warm skin tones. This blazer is also a great investment as not only will it look smart for the workplace, but it’ll also look great with a summer outfit or to a wedding, so it’s definitely a good piece to have in your wardrobe.

A night out:


For the mens look, the tie and blazer have been removed and instead a dark blue waist coat from T.M. Lewin has been added. Waistcoats are ideal for switching too for a night out because they’re small enough to fit in your work bag during the day, and I love this one because navy will compliment the black shirt and trousers and add a subtle hint of colour to the outfit. I think this look would look best with the waistcoat unbuttoned and the top buttons of the shirt undone to make it look more casual, and the shirt sleeves can be rolled up to make it look even more laid back for a night at the pub. This is a much more relaxed and youthful outfit that then one worn in the workplace, however the trousers still keep it looking classy.

For the women’s look the blazer has been removed and this faux fur gilet from Superdry has been added. Faux fur always looks glamorous and it’s a great way to add texture to a plain black shirt and trouser outfit, plus it’ll keep you warm if you’re heading out for the night. I particularly love this ombre gilet as the black fur will match the shirt and trousers however the lighter fur adds a hint of colour and interest to the outfit, and I feel ombre clothing pieces always look very modern and youthful so they’re great for a fun night out. I’ve also added this statement necklace from Accessorize to the outfit; necklaces are so small they can easily fit in your work bag during the day, and big jewelled pieces are an easy way of adding instant glamour to your outfit which is great for when you’re heading out. I really love this dusty pink floral necklace as it’s chic and feminine and the subtle pink adds some colour to the outfit.

So that’s how to create a stylish outfit that’ll take you from the office to a night out using very few pieces, thanks for reading!

All images from unless stated otherwise.

Faux fur gilet image from:

Necklace image from:,acc_2.1/2823910100


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