Golden luxe highlighter: review


I used to shy away from highlighter because my skin was so oily I didn’t want to risk looking even more shiny, however I love shimmer and glitter makeup, and now it’s winter my skin is more under control, so I’ve been investing in some new highlighters, and my personal favourite is my golden powder luxe highlighter by MUA. MUA is such an affordable drugstore brand however I think their products, particularly their highlighters and bronzers, are very high quality, so I’d definitely recommend this brand if you’re on a budget. This highlighter was £5, and I chose it because powders are ideal for oily skins (unlike cream highlighters which tend to slip and slide) and I love gold highlighters as they complement my warm colouring more than silver ones. I love the beautiful gold and white packaging, plus the pot is fairly large so you get a lot for your money, making this product even more of a bargain.


The problem with loose powders is that they can often be messy, and this one is no exception which is a downside to this product, although any spills and fall out can be avoided by tapping the excess of your brush. Although the product is messier than a cream or pressed powder, the design of the pot does make it a lot cleaner and easier to use; to release a small amount of powder, you can twist the pot round and the highlighter rises up through the slits you can see in the photograph above. I think this is such an innovative idea for loose powders (as opposed to ones where you just have to shake the powder out) as it does reduce mess which means less product is lost. This product has a very smooth texture and feels very light on the skin which is great as I find loose powders can feel heavy and uncomfortable compared to pressed powder highlighters. The highlighter is very pigmented so I would recommend using a fan brush to apply a small amount as otherwise it can look too intense and powdery as opposed to just a subtle shimmery glow. I really like how pigmented this highlighter is as other highlighters I’ve tried have barely been visible whereas this shows up brilliantly. The gold colour is also lovely for warm skin tones and it looks very glamorous so would it would be great for an evening makeup look.

a swatch of the highlighter

 In terms of the endurance of the highlighter, it lasted all day and didn’t slip and slide unlike other highlighters I’ve tried and looked equally as vibrant and shimmery as it did when I first applied it in the morning which I wasn’t expecting considering it was so cheap. Overall I would definitely recommend this product; it can be messy and hard to control however it’s high quality, it’s a beautiful colour, and it’s one of the most affordable highlighters out there.

MUA products can be found in Boots and Superdrug or can be purchased from MUA’s official website:

Luxe golden highlighter is available here:


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