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YSL ‘black opium’ perfume: review


‘Opium’ is the most iconic fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, and their updated version, ‘Black Opium’ is equally as classic, with supermodel Edie Campbell fronting the campaign for the perfume. The original perfume was personally to heavy for me, with spicy scents such as Amber and Patchouli, however I loved Black Opium and was lucky enough to receive a bottle as a Christmas present. The bottle is similar to the original fragrance however I feel it looks a lot more modern; I love the black glitter design combined with the rose pink (although it looks more orange in the photograph) of the glass; it looks both edgy and feminine, two words which definitely epitomize YSL’s products. The bottle also feels fairly sturdy and durable compared to some perfume bottles which I worry about breaking as they are so flimsy and delicate. I have the 30ml bottle which is £47 from YSL’s website (which is to be expected of such a high end brand), however I find the prices are often vary and are sometimes lower in department stores such as Debenhams so it is worth looking around various stores before you purchase it.


The actual scent is fairly different to those I usually go for; I love light sweet fruity scents, which is why I wasn’t overly keen on the original Opium fragrance as it was very spicy, however Black Opium has sweeter notes such as Orange Blossom and Vanilla as well as the original spicy scents which balance each other out perfectly to create a scent that is both sweet and sensual. It also has a slightly floral scent which makes it feel more feminine and is perfect for me as I love scents that are a mixture of both fruity and floral notes. When reading up about the perfume I saw it had notes of black coffee which initially sounded odd to me, however when trying the perfume again I could definitely smell coffee tones and was actually suprised at how well they complimented the sweet vanilla and gave the scent a kick to stop it being too sweet. Overall I’d say this perfume is a spicy yet sweet floral scent which combines many fragrances to create one that is sensual like the original Opium perfume, but a lot lighter and fresher due to the sweet and fruity undertones.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this fragrance. It’s beautifully packaged, and smells sensual whilst still remaining fresh and youthful and I love the fruity floral twist which makes it much less heavy than the original Opium fragrance. It’s expensive, however I think it’s definitely worth it if you like a strong, sexy scent.


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