‘Brow Parlour’ Benefit dupe: review


The ‘Brow Parlour’ kit for perfect brows from W7 is a dupe of the Benefit Brow Zings kit, although at £2.87 (off Amazon) it’s about one tenth of the price of the Benefit product. I used to avoid W7 products as I assumed that because they are so cheap they are poor quality, however after trying the Colour Me Buff nude eyeshadow palette I changed my mind about them. They also make a lot of dupes of Benefit products such as their honolulu bronzer which is a fraction of the price of the Benefit hoola bronzer, so they’re great if you’re on a budget. In all honesty I do prefer the sleek silver packaging of the Benefit brow kit as it’s more my style and it is less bulky (and so better for travelling), however I do love the bold pink packaging of the W7 kit, and it comes with a mirror like the Benefit kit so it’s great for doing your brows on the go.


In terms of tools, the kit comes with a pair of mini tweezers (the same as the Benefit kit) and a double ended brush that has an angled brush at one end and a spiral brow comb at the other (or ‘spoolie’ as my girlfriend told me it was called). The Benefit kit comes with two brushes rather than a brow comb and personally I prefer the tools in the W7 kit as a comb is essential for shaping your brows so I’d rather have this than a second angled brush. The quality of the brushes is fairly average; the brow comb is great, however the angled brow brush certainly isn’t as good as my Real Techniques angled brush that I use on a daily basis. It’s softer than I was expecting and is certainly much better than the brushes from my previous brow pallet from Avon, however it doesn’t have a strong shape making it hard to precisely fill in your brows, plus it’s not as dense as my Real Techniques brush so this makes the brow powders look less pigmented. It’s not bad quality considering the price and it’d be fine for on the go, however for the best results I would use another brush.


As for the actual makeup, this kit comes with two brow powders (a lighter shade and a darker shade), a clear brow wax and a highlighting powder for your brow bone which is considerably more than the Benefit kit that only contains a brow powder and a coloured brow wax so this product is incredible value for money. The powders are very smooth and very pigmented as well which I wasn’t expecting, I’d say they work equally as well as the Benefit brow powders which I’ve tried before, and both products last all day with no smudging.The kit comes with two shades which means it works for most hair colours and also you can mix them to find a shade that’s right for you, unlike the Benefit kit which only comes with one shade. The brow wax is also very high quality; I use the angled brush from the kit to apply it (seeing as I use my Real Techniques brush for the brow powder) and it keeps my brows in place all day, plus it’s still very smooth as opposed to some brow waxes that can make your brows feel stiff. Personally I prefer having a clear brow wax as I really just want it to set my brows rather than add further colour to them as I feel powder adds enough colour to my brows, so if you prefer clear brow wax this kit is definitely a better option over the Benefit kit. Finally you can use the highlighting powder on your brow bone to create more definition and accentuate your brows. The highlighter also lasts all day and has a hint of shimmer which I personally love as it creates a stronger highlight whereas a matte white highlighter may look slightly duller.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette. Besides the low quality of the angled brush (which to me is a small sacrifice considering the price) this kit is equally as good as the Benefit Brow Zings kit and you get a larger variety of products in it so this really is all you need to create perfect eyebrows. Considering the W7 kit is one tenth of the price of the Benefit Kit, I think it’s a better purchase.

W7 brow kit is available here:


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