Pink eyeshadow tutorial and palette review

Pink eyeshadow is usually a product I would shy away from as I always thought it would be too girly for me and I worried it would make my eyes look irritated (which is also why I used to avoid red eyeshadow), however I’ve seen several Valentines Day inspired tutorials on Youtube from makeup artists like Nikkitutorials and Chloe Morello. Nikki and Chloe both created beautiful pink eye makeup looks that were actually incredibly wearable, and Nikki paired hers with a dark berry lip which actually made it look quite edgy which is a look I thought you wouldn’t be able to achieve when wearing pink eyeshadow, so I wanted to try some for myself.


I ordered a five piece palette from ‘Saffron London’ makeup on Amazon that was around £4.50; I was reluctant to spend a lot as I wasn’t sure if pink shadow would suit me, so I wasn’t expecting this palette to be brilliant, however I was pleasantly surprised. The kit is very compact so it’s great for travelling, and it comes with five beautiful shades which when paired together can create a look like the one seen in Nikki and Chloe’s videos. It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator; I tend not to use sponges to apply my eyeshadow and much prefer my Real Techniques brushes, however the sponge applicators are great for on the go or for applying eyeshadow to your inner corners. These eyeshadows are actually some of the most pigmented and vibrant one’s I’ve brought which I love; they’re actually more pigmented than some of my more expensive palettes. The texture is very smooth and they blend easily, plus they are incredibly shimmery; this may not be to everyone’s taste, however I love shimmer eyeshadows hence why I love these one’s so much. The shadows are very soft and smooth, however the only issue I’ve had with this palette is the fact that the eyeshadows crumble fairly easily which means its easy to overload your brush and this can lead to fall out. Despite this, I would definitely recommend this palette; it’s so affordable but the colours are beautiful and it’s very high quality for a cheaper palette.


Now for the tutorial using my pink eyeshadow palette; the shades don’t have names or numbers so I’ve numbered them on the photograph. First, making sure your eyes are primed, apply shade 3 in your inner and outer corner, leaving a blank space in the center of your lid, and blend this colour into your crease whilst winging it out slightly at your outer corner to create a subtle cat eye. Also apply a hint of shade 3 on your lower lash line to stop this makeup being too ‘top heavy’. Now take shade 2 which is a lighter, very shimmery pink, and apply this on the blank area on the centre of the lid. Now take shade 4 which is a deeper purple/pink colour and apply a small amount of this to the outer corner and crease and blend well to add more depth and definition to your eyes. Finally take, shade 5 which is a strong silver shimmer colour and apply this to the brow bone and outer corners to highlight your eyes and brighten them up. Now just finish off with black winged liner and generous coats of mascara (or fluttery false lashes if you want a more bold look) and that’s the completed tutorial.


Here’s the finished look (apologies that the picture isn’t great; my photography skills aren’t the best!). Thanks for reading!

My palette can be brought here:

Nikki’s pink makeup tutorial:

Chloe’s pink makeup tutorial:


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